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New Daltile Collections 2017

Today, Daltile introduces five new collections and one new line extension, broadening its extensive selection of quality and attractive tile and natural stone offerings aligning with this year’s hottest interior design trends. The additions allow customers to reimagine the spaces where they work and play, achieving unique, extraordinary designs beyond the imaginable.

Cove Creek™ impresses with distinguished linear graphics that create a fluid contemporary style. Light stone graphics with a soft, linear pattern add dimension and create a serene impact.

Historic charm meets contemporary living with Gaineswood™ wood-look surfacing that embodies the rustic hues of a hardwood floor and the durability necessary to withstand water impact and high foot traffic.

Inspired by the tumbling cliffs of the Almafi Coast, Severino™ offers a sophisticated contemporary take on the classic essence of stone tiles. This stunning blend of smooth travertine and marble graphics harmonizes decorative wall accents, mosaics and trim with floor and wall tile.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, Willow Bend™ emulates the authentic drama of wood while maintaining durability and ease of surface maintenance. Larger plank sizes and popular wood colors including white, smoky brown and dark brown, increase design flexibility. 

Woodbridge™ expresses the beauty of time-honored oak with tones of almond, pecan, walnut and ash. An astonishing 4” x 28” plank format installed in herringbone or chevron pattern adds visual interest and personality to eclectic spaces.

A beautiful alternative to a traditional Italian Calacatta, Venetian Calacatta fully embodies the luxury and sophistication of Natural Stone Marble. This line extension takes marble look designs to a new level with four floor tile sizes, ten popular mosaics, a chair rail and pencil rail.

“Designers, homeowners and other customers are inspired by nature and continue to bring authentic materials into their environments,” said Kim Albrecht, senior brand marketing manager for Daltile. “That’s why wood, stone and marble looks are continuing to gain popularity. Wood look tile is one of the largest categories in the industry because it fits almost every design style – traditional, modern, farm, rustic, etc. We’re hoping to help our customers feel empowered to explore new styles with our latest collections.”

New Product Introductions

Cove Creek™ Glazed Porcelain Floor & Glazed Ceramic Mosaic with Reveal Imaging®
With fluid movements in its design, Cove Creek’s distinctive stone look creates an impact with elegance and style. Cove Creek impresses with a refined palette of natural colors shown in a light stone graphic with a soft, linear pattern. Three standard sizes, three essential colors and corresponding trim will add character to any design.
  • Available in three colors: Off White, Beige, Gray
  • Available in six styles: 20” x 20” Floor Tile, 13” x 13” Floor Tile, 12” x 24” Floor Tile, 2” x 2” Mosaic

Gaineswood™ Glazed Porcelain Floor with Reveal Imaging®
Strike the balance between historic charm and contemporary living with Gaineswood, an essential building block in your design. This easy-living porcelain tile was designed for convenience and durability. Featuring a softly aged, rustic visual in four classic hues, Gaineswood will stand up to your busy lifestyle beautifully. 
  • Available in four colors: Pine, Hickory, Elm, Walnut
  • Available in one style: 6” x 24” Floor Tile

Severino™ Glazed Ceramic with Reveal Imaging®
Taking its cue from the tumbling cliffs of the Almafi Coast, Severino is a beautiful mix of travertine and marble looks designed to add visual warmth with its natural beauty. Severino differentiates itself with a rich, stone graphic and an organic color palette. Offered in four colors and eight versatile sizes, including a 2” x 2” pressed mosaic and 2-inch octagonal mosaic, Severino exhibits relaxed sophistication. 
  • Available in four colors: Vento Breeze, Aria Sand, Terra Bruno, Cenere Fog
  • Available in eight styles: 18” x 18” Field Tile, 12” x 24” Field Tile, 12” x 12” Field Tile, 10” x 14” Wall Tile, 6” x 6” Wall Tile, 2” x 10” Decorative Accent, 2” x 2” Mosaic, 2” Octagon with 1” Dot Mosaic 

Willow Bend™ Glazed Porcelain with Reveal Imaging®
Make your space more inviting with the delightful design of Willow Bend. Using Reveal Imaging® to create crisp and stunning graphics, this wood look porcelain tile inspires serenity. Offered in a 6” x 24” plank and featuring an even larger 6” x 36” size, Willow Bend embraces both traditional and modern style. 
  • Available in three colors: White, Dark Brown, Smoky Brown
  • Available in two styles: 6” x 36” Floor Tile, 6” x 24” Floor Tile 

Woodbridge™ Glazed Porcelain Floor & Glazed Ceramic Mosaic with Reveal Imaging®
Inspired by spaces that exude a certain je ne sais quoi, Woodbridge is the perfect foundation for spaces that are both relaxed and elegant. The inviting rich oak tones and unexpected 4” x 28” plank format exude personality when installed in either a herringbone or chevron pattern. Woodbridge is ideal to complement eclectic spaces that confidently contrast modern pieces with vintage finds. 
  • Available in four colors: Spruce, Cedar, Chestnut, Ash Oak
  • Available in two styles: 4” x 28” Floor Tile, 1” x 3” Herringbone Mosaic

New Line Extensions

Natural Stone Marble, Venetian Calacatta
From the Washington Monument to the Taj Mahal, marble has been used to create some of architecture and design’s most impressive structures. Formed from limestone that was subjected to pressure and heat, marble’s characteristic color swirls are what adds to its striking appearance. Add luxury and sophistication with a variety of earthy, neutral colors from this impressive collection. A beautiful alternative to a traditional Italian Calacatta, Venetian Calacatta is available in four floor tile sizes, ten popular mosaics, a chair rail and pencil rail.
  • Available in four floor tile sizes: 12” x 24”, 18” x 18”, 12” x 12”, 3” x 6”
  • Available in Chair Rail and Pencil Rail
  • Available in 10 Mosaics: 3/8” Random Mosaic, 1” x 1” Mosaic (honed), ½” x 1” Brick-Joint Mosaic (polished), 1-1/2” x 5/8” Oval Mosaic (polished), 3” x 3” Baroque Mosaic (polished), 3” x 1-1/2” Marquise Mosaic (polished), 2” x 2” Hexagon Mosaic (polished), Random Linear Mosaic, 1” Random Mosaic, River Pebble Mosaic (polished)

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