Your imagination has no limits. Your tile choices should be no different. Introducing Color Wheel™ Collection.


From blazing brights and rich jewel tones to delicate pastels and serene neutrals, Color Wheel has your ideal shade.


These 3 series include 10 tile sizes and 4 coordinating mosaic patterns to help you make your vision a reality.

Indoor hotel pool with gray concrete look tile deck, wood lounge chairs with white cushions, and white & navy wall tile in random pattern.


Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile
Offered in 12 neutral tones, available in both semi-gloss and matte finishes, and 18 rich semi-gloss colorful accents.
Select from 4 sizes:
• 6" x 6"
• 4" x 4"
• 3" x 6"
• 3" x 6" beveled


Made in the USA



Boutique shop wall with glazed ceramic tile in vertical stripes of grey and blue. Handbags on a shelf in the foreground.


Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile
Features 12 earthy, neutral hues in semi-gloss or matte finish, and 8 vibrant semi-gloss accents.
Offered in 6 sizes:
• 8" x 24"
• 6" x 18"
• 4" x 16"
• 4" x 12"
• 4" x 8"
• 2" x 4"
Made in the USA
Sitting area with feature wall of orange, gray, and white mosaic tile in a herringbone pattern, white sofa, orange chair, and floor lamp.


Glazed Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile
Customizable patterns are offered in 8 brilliant semi-gloss accent colors and 12 neutral tones in semi-gloss and matte finishes.
Available in 4 patterns:
• 2" x 2" Mosaic
• 1 1/2" Hexagon
• 1" x 3" Herringbone
• 1" x 3" Lattice Weave




Color Palette

Additional Accent Options*

*Color Wheel Classic only

Breakroom with two women conversing in front of wall with bright green, blue, orange, and white patterned tile, white lower cabinets, and stainless steel kitchen appliances.

ColorMatch™ Special Order Program

Love one of these colors but you're looking for a different size or texture? Or maybe none of these colors are quite what you need? ColorMatch Special Order Program has you covered. Simply provide us a sample of the color (fabric or paint swatch, lamp, shoe, literally any sample of it) or pantone color code and we will make your custom, ceramic wall tile for you. With so many choices, ColorMatch offers you unlimited design freedom.
Closeup of blue shower shelf holding bottles and loofah, white wall tile with blue jolly trim.

Special Order Bath Accessories

Bath accessories in the entire color palette of our Color Wheel Collection, including the accent colors, are now available for special order. This includes flat back and flange edge corner shelves in 5" and 9" sizes, featuring a lip around the edge to prevent items from slipping, a drainage hole to keep liquids from collecting, and Q-Seal® with Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection to guard against mold and mildew.
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