Modern Rurality mood board with rustic charm and cabin-inspired decor.

Modern Rurality

The keys to this trend are outdoorsy elements that wrap the room in a relaxed, country atmosphere.

Rustic Design meets the Simplicity of Industrial Style

Unplugging from the frantic pace of today’s overly digitized and chaotic world is possible when a space is enveloped by the warmth, purity, and rusticity of Modern Rurality’s design components.

A wooden backdrop is key as are roughhewn, simple, outdoorsy elements that wrap the space in a relaxed, country atmosphere. There is a rustic charm as well as a heritage-inspired authenticity to Modern Rurality. Infused with a color palette reflective of a rural winter’s day, a space following this trend’s lead will be filled with gorgeous moody colors such as deep navy, saturated moss green, a solemn maroon, and various natural shades of brown.

Although entrenched in a log cabin feel, the aesthetics of Modern Rurality can also take on a contemporary twist by incorporating some industrial elements such as glass, metal, brick, and concrete — achieving a sleekness while staying true to the simplicity that is at the heart of this design.

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