Coastal Retreat mood board incorporating macrame and beach vacations.

Coastal Retreat

Nurturing positive emotions through design is the primary goal of this style trend.

Interior Design for a Staycation Experience

Sunkissed colors bring the Mediterranean sun, waves, and reinvigorating seaside air into a room’s aesthetics. Mix in a touch of free-spirited style to further breathe life into a space, complete with macrame, woven banana bark, handmade crafts, and indigenous patterns to keep things real!


The soothing sense of cocooning is also part of Coastal Retreat, finding balance, peace, calm, and harmony through rounded shapes, sculptural lines, and curves that are welcoming and reassuring.

Helped by the dry touch aesthetic of raw stone, natural surfaces, and organic shapes, Coastal Retreat interior design also can create contemporary bathrooms that offer the tranquility of a relaxing spa in Bali.

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