Custom backsplash over the kitchen cooktop with slate-look six by six inch tile and two by two and one by one inch border with rustic tile trim.


Frame your space in style with borders and keys that are subtle, yet sophisticated.
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Border tile pattern with rectangular tile topped by two smaller square tiles equalling the length of the rectangular tile.

T-Cross Border

100 pcs per 100 s/f
6" x 12" 50%
200 pcs, per 100 s/f
6" x 6" 50%
Tile pattern with square tiles in the center arranged on the diagonal with a border of smaller alternating square and rectangular tiles.

Alternating Border

50 pcs. per 100 s/f
6" x 12" 50%
100 pcs. per 100 s/f
6" x 6" 50%
Border tile pattern with square tiles cut in half diagonally and placed around the edge of the field of tile.

ZigZag Border

100 pcs. per 100 s/f
12" x 12" 100%
Border tile pattern with a square tile in the center with mosaic squares surrounding it.

Border Inset

100 pcs. per 100 s/f
6" x 6" 25%
1200 pcs. per 100 s/f
3" x 3" 75%
Tile pattern with diagnally set tile and a border of diamond shaped tile.

Diamond Border

400 pcs. per 100 s/f
6" x 6" 100%
Pinwheel border pattern with one inch tile in the center with one by two rectangular tiles surrounding the square.

Pinwheel Border

712 pcs. per 100 s/f
3" x 6" 89%
176 pcs. per 100 s/f
3" x 3" 11%

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Kitchen with white cabinets and island. Lathe-turned corner post supporting island countertops. Concrete-look twelve by twenty-four inch porcelain tile floor in a light grey.

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