Inherent stain and slip resistance makes commercial-grade quarry tile ideal for high-traffic or water-prone areas. Superior performance in a textured surface stands up to your toughest spaces for residential or light commercial areas.

Bird’s eye view of outdoor restaurant with gray 6x6 quarry tile flooring, wood table and chairs, and patio surrounded by shrubs.
The unglazed and textured surface of quarry tile makes it naturally slip-resistant - perfect for areas with water exposure.
Quarry tile is an excellent choice for commercial spaces due to its texture and easy maintenance.
Easy to care for
Quarry tile is a time-proven choice for low-maintenance and durability.


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Designed for Trade Pros

All our products are for everyone, but these were developed with Pros in mind.

Water droplets with two girls in mermaid costumes playing in a bathroom with wood-look slip-resistance flooring.

stepwise™ Slip resistance

StepWise™ technology infused into tile makes it 50% more slip resistant.

Backyard of two-story house with floor-to-ceiling windows, natural wood shiplap siding, and pool with gray stone look pavers.



Our Xteriors™ collection features products designed for the great outdoors.

Living room with floor tile that looks like dark wood planks, off-white glossy wall tile, wood barndoor on slider, silver floor lamp, white sofa and side chairs.

Selecting Floor Tile

Learn from our experts how to choose the perfect floor tile for your project.

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