Outdoor patio with pergola, walls with natural quartzite slab, fireplace, wooden table with chairs, grill, and white stone look pavers.


Harder than granite, natural quartzite countertops will live a long beautiful life, free of flaws like scratches and etching. 
• Distinct veining
• From solid to crystalline appearance
• Stain, heat, fire, scratch, etch resistant
• Very strong & durable
• Virtually maintenance free

Natural Quartzite - Bold

These beautiful natural quartzite slabs feature bold colors and veining that make a statement. As the centerpiece of your design, one-of-a-kind slabs inform your choices and perform with one of the best durability ratings among countertop surfaces.
Eat-in kitchen with pendant lighting, white & tan quartzite counters, island with built in sink, white cabinets, stainless steel gas stove and refrigerator.

Natural Quartzite - Light

Lighter in color and veining patterns, these natural quartzite slabs are right at home in just about any design or color scheme. Excellent for remodels or monochromatic style. They offer virtually no maintenance, no etching, and no worries.

Natural Quartzite vs. Granite

Natural quartzite countertops are quickly catching up to granite countertops in the industry. Because they have the look of exotic stones but are harder and perform better than granite, natural quartzite is finding favor among designers and homeowners.


Natural Quartzite vs. Marble

Natural quartzite countertops are an excellent alternative to marble counters because they look like of some of the finest marble in the world but will not etch, scratch, or break nearly as easily. 

Large open bathroom with vanity countertop, floors and walls of polished gray natural quartzite with black veining and soaking bathtub in front of floor-to-ceiling windows.

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