Retro Revisited mood board with geometric wall covering and modular furniture.

Retro Revisited

Achieve this trend by mixing and matching the best architectural styles from the last few decades of the twentieth century.

Express Your Era, Embrace Your Space  

Everyone has a brand and retro interior design allows for a mixing and matching of the best design from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s to add life, color, and individual expression to contemporary spaces.

Clutter core and handcrafts are noted hallmarks of this trend as are thrifting and upcycling. Retro Revisited designs can be quirky, exuberant, creative. Disco Elemental, Mid-Century Modern, Maximalism, and a touch of rebellion all make their mark in retro inspired spaces, sometimes as stand-alone features, other times as mixed epochs.

Shiny lacquered wood furniture: striking geometries, psychedelic patterns, and bold colors as well as muted crafts or make-and-mend elements all find their niche in this trend that expresses personal freedom.

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