Wood Look Tile Trends

Wood-look tile has established itself as a standard in the tile industry. It’s not the newcomer it once was but it keeps reinventing itself in interesting new colors, details, and applications so it never really feels outdated either.

Here are the three newest ways to use wood-look tile that are timeless but maintain a contemporary hint to keep your design fresh.


Planks in patterns are the biggest news in wood-look tile right now. Herringbone, chevron, parquet, and variations on these are everywhere. They have a fresh look with a vintage edge that makes these patterns both on-trend and classic. 

Check out Elixen wood look tile to use in patterns. Its smooth graining and seven-inch width is flexible design-wise and a great choice for a trending space.


Another interesting way to arrange wood planks is to use multiple plank widths. Mixing up widths makes the floor look more dynamic but retains continuity of color and grain throughout the room.


Daltile’s Season Wood offers three different widths, 12 inches, 8 inches, and 6 inches. Use two or all three in a staggered pattern for greatest effect.



Wood-look tile is often used in more traditional designs. But that shouldn't stop you from using it in contemporary, urban industrial, or a Scandinavian-influenced design. It can be as sleek as concrete or marble if you pick the right look.


Several of our wood look trend series have a streamlined, smooth look that is well suited to modern and contemporary styles. Woodbridge has high color variation and a strong grain that compliments any scene with the right accessories. Try Yacht Club with it's contemporary colors and clean, smooth graining.

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