Biophilic Essence mood board with green plants and thick veined marbles.

Biophilic Essence

This trend balances the majesty of natural elements, strong  stonework and soft flora, to create a well-grounded space.

Design Harmony with Nature's Majesty

Nature can be grounding, relaxing, enveloping, but it can also be magnificent and exuberant, full of unexpected surprises! Like a William Turner painting, nature’s elements can powerfully express themselves in ethereal majesty.

The design trend of Biophilic Essence is many times comprised of materials that have sprung fourth from centuries of natural pressure such as marbles, crystals, and precious gemstones. The color palette of this trend ranges from earthy browns, greens, and grays to the majesty of silver, gold, and other precious metals that add natural artistry to a Biophilic Essence space.

Additional signature effects of Biophilic Essence such as light, shadow, and the juxtaposition of both in a space create a luminescent presence that heightens the artistry of this design trend.

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