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Move around like never before


Get tile inspiration like never before with Daltile’s Virtual House. Stocked with some of our bestselling products, the Virtual House lets you explore the endless possibilities tile and countertop has to offer.
With both indoor and outdoor options, take our virtual tour through this Modern Farmhouse inspired home.

Tons of Environments to Choose From


See our products in a new way

Jump straight to the room of your choice or do a self-guided tour through the home by following the white arrows. See a product you love? Click on the red "d" to learn more and get the product information. Ready to move on? You can either keep the product information open to view all products in the room while walking around or simply click the X to close the box and continue on your tour.



360° of 3D Awesome


Explore this Modern Farmhouse home with a 360-degree view of each room 24/7! Stay creative with viewing unique applications and product pairing choices to replicate in your home. Let the Daltile Virtual House be the muse for your next home renovation.


A ton of environments to choose from

Whether you’re looking for whole home inspiration or simply a single room, the Daltile Virtual House has got you covered! With both indoor and outdoor spaces, our door is always open to you as you search for home design stimulation.


See our amazing products in action!

From wood-look tile to countertops to pavers, see our bestselling tiles come to life. Whether you’re looking to see what your favorite encaustic tile looks like installed or if you simply need inspiration for your next project, the Daltile Virtual House lets you explore multiple applications and product types.

Explore each room and discover tile inspiration as our bestsellers are displayed in beautiful high definition.

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