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"Locally-Stocked" Programs Help Buying Group Dealers Increase Sales

Daltile is offering buying group dealers the ultimate in timely product availability through innovative “locally-stocked” programs nationwide. 

“Traditionally, flooring retailers are used to tile orders being fulfilled within the industry-standard lead-time of 7 to 10 days.  Our brands are innovating and drastically shortening that turn-time for our dealers,” said Jeremy Sax, general manager of dealer sales, Dal-Tile Corporation.  “Daltile brand is removing this availability barrier and essentially putting stock at our dealers’ fingertips to help them increase their sales.”

“Although an end-consumer can still select from any of our 32,000 SKUS, we are strategically helping our dealers find success by providing them with a targeted sales approach,” said Sax.  “We specifically identity those products that are the hottest sellers in various regions around the country and we locally stock those for immediate availability.  We are very nimble and through programs such as our locally-stocked strategy, we quickly meet the needs of our customers.”  

“This program came into being, because we listened to our customers,” added Sax.  “We listened to our customers and then acted quickly to put together a program that will benefit their business based on their needs.  Daltile is keeping more stock locally at over 300 company sales service centers nationwide, specifically the 12” x 24” products that are the number one sellers predominately across the country, so products can now be sold as same-day pickup/delivery, or next-day pickup/delivery.”

“This is just one of the latest examples of how we listen to our customers’ feedback, acknowledge that feedback, and then make something impactful happen for their business,” concluded Sax.

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