Uniform™ Collection


Uniform™ Collection presents a sophisticated color palette specifically designed to create a harmonious, monochromatic look.

Uniform Wood™, Uniform Concrete™,  and Uniform Mosaics™ 3D Cube consists of 7 coordinating colors. Uniform Mosaics™ provide additional shapes and color combinations to add visual depth to your design.

Color Palette

Color Combinations

Closeup of black wood look tile accented by black geometric tile, crimson velvet chairs, and glass coffee table with gold base.

Uniform wood™

ColorBody™ Porcelain tile for floor, wall and countertop. 
 - Wood look tile
 - 8 x 48 plank
 - Matte finish
 - TruEdge rectified

Uniform Concrete™

ColorBody™ Porcelain tile for floor, wall and countertop.
 - Concrete look tile
 - Double-load technical product for high-traffic areas
 - 12 x 24 & 24 x 24
 - Polished or Matte finish
 - TruEdge rectified

Uniform Mosaics™

ColorBody™ Porcelain tile for floor, wall, and countertop.
 - 3D Cube mosaic
 - Archer/trapezoid mosaic
 - Matte finish
 - Made in the USA
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