Uniform™ Collection


Uniform™ Collection presents a sophisticated color palette specifically designed to create a harmonious, monochromatic look.

Uniform Wood™, Uniform Concrete™,  and Uniform Mosaics™ 3D Cube consists of 7 coordinating colors. Uniform Mosaics™ provide additional shapes and color combinations to add visual depth to your design.

Color Palette

Color Combinations


Uniform wood™

ColorBody™ Porcelain tile for floor, wall and countertop. 
 - Wood look tile
 - 8 x 48 plank
 - Matte finish
 - TruEdge rectified

Uniform Concrete™

ColorBody™ Porcelain tile for floor, wall and countertop.
 - Concrete look tile
 - Double-load technical product for high-traffic areas
 - 12 x 24 & 24 x 24
 - Polished or Matte finish
 - TruEdge rectified

Uniform Mosaics™

ColorBody™ Porcelain tile for floor, wall, and countertop.
 - 3D Cube mosaic
 - Archer/trapezoid mosaic
 - Matte finish
 - Made in the USA
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