Monday, May 02, 2016

Reinvent the Traditional Tub Surround with Tile

Like most facets of bathroom design, the traditional tub surround has its limitations when it comes to making a contemporary statement. Homeowners looking to set their bathrooms apart in a bold way should look toward tile to accomplish their design goals.

A floor-to-ceiling tile tub surround can turn time spent in your bath into a luxurious experience that's complete with the colors and features that suit your tastes. The right tile can bring a powerful dimension to your bathroom, making the tub the centerpiece of the room.


Choose the Right Style

When looking to reinvent the traditional tub surround, the first step is to choose the right style. For instance, are you looking to create a bold design that dramatically differentiates the space from the rest of your home? If the bathroom is in your master suite, are you attempting to create a seamless design flow from the bedroom to the bathroom? Setting your design strategy in place is crucial to making the tile selection process an easy one.


Think French

One tile line has homeowners thinking they have stepped into the streets of Paris. The imaginative Dignitary line gives your bathroom depth on surfaces like your tub surround. The line replicates French limestone and features fossil layers and natural veins. It's versatile enough to fit traditional or contemporary styles and comes in an array of sizes, as well as coordinating mosaics.

Are you looking for a tile with color versatility? Dignitary tiles come in six rich color options and three finishes, including light polished, unpolished, and textured. If your bathroom's vanity tops are polished granite, counterbalance your room's design with textured tub tile for a striking look.


Marvel at Marble

Many homeowners opt for the traditional, unique look of marble tile for their design. With the aesthetic flair produced by marble's natural veining patterns, marble stands apart from other options and makes for the perfect natural look for the bathroom. Available in various square sizes, as well as larger slabs, marble is versatile enough to meet your design needs. You can achieve the appearance of multiple textures by utilizing slightly different colors and a mix of smaller and larger tiles. This will generate a layering effect that's sure to make your design pop.


Follow Your Design Dreams

Regardless of which tile you choose to design your tub surround, the possibilities are limitless. Think big with oversized tiles to form the majority of your surround, or think small and create a stunning accent wall that's made up of only mosaics. Mix colors and styles to make your tub surround the unique focal point of your bathroom. Choose a style and run with it, allowing your design preferences and goals to guide you along the way.
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