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Using Wood, Stone, and Concrete Tiles to Enhance Your Decor

Whether you choose to go with glass, stone, metal, or concrete, tiles can add a unique flair to your home when they're used in nontraditional ways. Tile is available in distinct designs and finishes, so there are many ways it can add a special touch to your design. Whether you're adding ornate flooring or an interesting accent wall, using tiles fashioned beyond the ordinary will allow you to achieve a look that you'll love for years to come.

Concrete Connections

Jazz Up the Entryway

Entry areas create a lasting impression on your guests, so the entryway is the perfect spot to add a tile floor. By tiling this area, you'll set the tone for your home. Stone or porcelain tile is commonly used in back entries, such as mud rooms, or formal entries, but there are many other looks that you can incorporate into your space. If you want your entryway to be warm and inviting, try opting for wood-look tile that blends with the natural elements of the outdoors.

Be sure you use larger-sized floor tiles in the entryway to create the illusion of more space. Porcelain concrete tiles, for example, come in larger sizes, and will give your entryway an open, industrial feel. This is also the perfect spot to showcase a bit of excitement within the floor tile by adding a beautiful mosaic medallion as a centerpiece. This will create a grand entry that won't fail to impress your guests.

When designing your entryway, get inspired by linear and special patterns to create a truly one-of-a-kind accent wall that will serve as a conversation piece for all who enter your home.

Add a Special Touch to the Great Room

When moving from the entryway into the rest of your home, you will want the floors to flow together for a streamlined look. Keep it simple by using porcelain concrete tiles, natural stone tile, or wood-look tile throughout your home in order to achieve a look that is contemporary and seamless. If you want your design to be a bit more unique, take one of these materials and mix it with other types of tile to add a truly special touch to a room. Mix wood-look tiles with the simplistic look of concrete tiles to add a dash of modern flair to the decor, for example. Mixing textures looks wonderful in any room.

Creating a border around the perimeter of your dining room is a great way to add a unique charm to your home. Opt for a smooth granite or marble tile for a classic, elegant look. For a nontraditional use of tile, frame your dining room table with a dark-colored, polished tile instead using of an area rug. You can also incorporate an interesting mosaic tile pattern that gives off the same effect as an area rug. This can help to define spaces or give your room a cozy feel. For a more relaxed look, try using pebbled tile in the doorway between rooms to create a border that defines the spaces. The same pebbled tile could then be used as a beautiful textured accent wall that ties the rooms together.

Season Wood

Create Magic in the Bedroom

Just because it's a bedroom doesn't mean that carpet are a must. Tile will look just as beautiful on a bedroom floor as it does in any other room. Porcelain tile that looks like wood is manufactured in long, plank sizes and provides the warm look of a wood floor with the durability of tile. Arrange the wood-look tile in your bedroom in a herringbone pattern for a unique, rustic look. The natural, cozy feel of the warm wood will definitely induce a lovely night of sleep.

With innovative new tile patterns that imitate various types of fabric, you can add the soft look of linen and silk to your walls. Use this tile on the wall behind your bedroom vanity or in your walk-in closet. The soft look of fabric is not only appealing to the eye, but it is easy to clean and long-lasting.

Incorporate Tile into the Home Office

If you work from home or spend a lot of time studying, chances are that your home office gets a lot of traffic. Tile is the ideal flooring option for the home office because it can easily be cleaned and will always look great. Try giving your space the soothing, inspired feel of hardwood flooring with wood-look tile. The warmness of wood will provoke calmness in your office environment, thus helping you focus. If you want to give your space a unique look, try adding wood-look tile to the floor in either a horizontal, vertical, or herringbone. You can also bring the look of wood up your walls, using the tile to create an accent wall. If you tend to get creative in your office, consider adding colored tile to your walls for added inspiration.

Spruce Up the Family Room

Family rooms are where the kids can run amok, and where family and friends gather to spend time together. Because the walls can easily get banged up, a lot of home owners add paneling. But, instead of covering a wall with standard wood paneling, you can get creative by using tile to cover the lower part of your family room's walls. This is perfect for spaces where furniture might get knocked into the walls or where little hands can easily smudge white walls. You can then paint or add wallpaper to the upper portion of the wall to complement the rest of your home's decor.

In order to make your space appear more open, you can use the same wall tile that you used on the floor. If your room is already spacious, try opting for a stone-look tile on the floor and wood-look tile on the walls. You can also add an accent wall or tile around your fireplace with small mosaic tiles in glass and stone, which can also be used as the mosaic border of your half wall or as an accent within the floor tile.

Tile will last for many years to come. With tile that replicates wood, metal, glass, and concrete, and a variety of tile shapes and sizes, there are many ways to use it beyond the ordinary. Take these inspirational ideas and head over to Daltile's Tile and Stone Visualizer to get started on your design.

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