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Using Tile That Looks Like Wood: From Rustic to Romantic

You might say that wood is to flooring as stainless steel is to appliances. Like a shiny, modern oven or refrigerator, tile that looks like wood is here to stay. It's durable and versatile, comes in a variety of textures, colors, and realistic shapes, and it can hold up to moisture and foot traffic. So, whether your place is a windswept beach cottage, a vacation lodge in the mountains, or an ultramodern downtown loft, there's a perfect wood-look tile option for your space. Here are a few decor themes that are perfectly suited for the use of wood-look tile.

Accentuate a Rustic Vibe

Whether you live in the mountains, or you simply want to make your home feel like you do, wood-look tile is perfect for adding a rustic charm to your space. It can be installed in high-moisture areas such as your backsplash or shower surround, and as long as you follow manufacturer recommendations, most wood-look tile products can be used outdoors. This will allow you to take the natural look of your home's interior onto your deck, porch, or patio. Season Wood, for example, has a weathered, warm look that will instantly make your home feel more rustic.

Emphasize a Shabby-Chic Look

Wood-look tile is available in a variety of lighter shades that can perfectly complement shabby-chic decor. This style of interior design often incorporates furniture that's distressed to look antique. It usually features elements that are soft, white, and cottage-like. Wood-look tile comes in a variety of light shades that are perfect for walls or flooring within a shabby-chic home. Acacia Valley comes in a white-washed shade of wood that has a high-grain appearance, for example. Its light shade has the ability to brighten any small space with little natural light. Paired with bright or pastel colored accents, a light-colored wood-look tile is the perfect backdrop. If you want something a little different, try lining a bookshelf with it. It's perfect for highlighting collections of vintage glassware or china.

Enhance Historic Decor

Wood-look tile can also give your home a very historic vibe. You've most likely seen new furniture that's finished to look like it's distressed and hundreds of years old. It's made to look like it has naturally developed wear and tear over time. Some wood-look tile can bring this same historic charm into your home. It comes in variations that emulate old, salvaged wood by featuring scarring, cracked paint, and even water stains. These realistic effects on top of any shade of "stain" will immediately make your home feel old. The Yorkwood Manor series, for instance, offers distressed effects in light, medium, or dark tones. If you live in a home that's new, wood-look tile can be a great solution to making it feel older than it is, and if you live in a home that really is old, adding new tile is a great way to bring life back into your space.

Tile that looks like wood works well within a variety of interior design styles. Whether you have a historic home, shabby-chic taste, or you want to make your home feel rustic, wood-look tile is an ideal material for your floors or walls. Check out Daltile's Inspiration Gallery and start adding your personality into your home today.

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