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Using Quartz Countertops to Transform Your Basement Bar

Are you looking to transform your basement bar area from dark and dingy to bright and vibrant? If so, adding quartz countertops can really help liven up the room. The natural beauty and vivid colors of quartz can bring vitality into your home, especially in the basement. Quartz is also a versatile material and can easily be combined with other design elements. Here are some other reasons why quartz is the perfect choice:

Quartz Adds Style and Function
In order to make your basement bar a warm and inviting space for your family and friends, you'll have to put some thought into the design. For a polished, put-together look, consider going with a quartz countertop. Quartz looks similar to marble yet has an extremely hard, scratch-resistant surface. It has an evenly textured appearance, and because of its natural makeup, no two slabs of quartz look exactly the same. This will help to ensure the uniqueness of your basement bar.

Quartz Comes in Neutral and Colorful Shades

Quartz tends to be pale and neutral in color, but it also comes in some blue, yellow, and green hues, which can add a fun touch to your space. ONE™ Quartz, for example, comes in 34 colors and several patterns, giving you full reign when choosing the right countertop for your basement bar. Start by choosing the color scheme for the space, then select the perfect shade of quartz. If you're having trouble deciding, use the Tile and Stone Visualizer to find an option that perfectly complements the rest of your room.

If a neutral shade of quartz wins you over, you can still match it with bright, vibrant colors to help bring your bar space alive. If you're going for a contemporary feel, consider one or two accent colors to play off your countertop. Incorporate these colors in with your design by using them within the decor. If it's a sports-themed bar, for example, try hanging brightly colored sports memorabilia on the wall above your countertops.

Quartz Looks Great with other Tile, Too

When looking for ways to build your design around your new quartz countertops, remember that tile can be used to add personality to your space. For example, consider adding a mosaic glass backsplash behind the bar area to make your new quartz countertops pop. If you're going for a sports-bar theme, make sure the tile you choose matches your favorite team's colors. You can also pull out the colors of the specks in your quartz countertops and infuse them into your floors and walls with tile. For example, consider using an almost-white Nature Flecks countertop with a bright-red glass tile backsplash. Adding tile and quartz can transform the look of your basement, turning the room from an afterthought into a focal point of your home.

You are only bound by your own creativity when it comes to making your basement bar stand out. And regardless of the type of design you're hoping to achieve, quartz countertops can help you reach your goals. Quartz is long-lasting and beautiful, which are two defining characteristics that have enhanced its popularity as a go-to countertop material. It will help make your basement bar area a fun gathering spot that you and your friends can enjoy for many years.

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