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Use Santa Cecilia Granite to Transform Your Home

Like most design that hails from Brazil, Santa Cecilia granite is a dramatic material that can transform a room in spectacular fashion. The stone's defining characteristics are its stunning beige background and its assortment of burgundy, gold, and dark gray veins that are mixed within. Its natural golden hue pairs well with various colors and styles, offering versatile flexibility for homeowners and designers alike.

When choosing your Santa Cecilia granite, it's important to understand its makeup and complexities to fully utilize its powerful design profile. Read on to learn more about one of the most popular granite options on the market today.

Embrace Its Versatility

Santa Cecilia granite is a durable and versatile stone that is suitable for most indoor and outdoor projects. This includes using it on walls, backsplashes, floors, and countertops in all rooms of your home. For instance, place it in your kitchen for an elegant cooking and prep area. Or consider adding it to your bathroom to brighten the space and add an overall look of sophistication.

Santa Cecilia also works well in wide open spaces, such as on your basement bar or outdoor patio area. Natural light, in particular, helps to draw out the beauty of this classic stone, so try to incorporate it in rooms where large windows are present. Santa Cecilia's golden hues complement dramatic pops of color, regardless of which room you decide to use it in.

Choose Your Finish

Each slab of granite has its own individual pattern, making Santa Cecilia granite a popular option for homeowners and designers who are looking to make a unique statement. When used as a countertop material, this type of granite looks best with a glossy, polished surface, but you can choose a honed finish, as well, for a more muted look.

A polished finish gives your countertop a shiny, reflective look that is the perfect complement to metallic tile accents. In addition, the granular and shimmery makeup of granite makes it the perfect stone for a glossy surface finish, as the reflective qualities only enhance the stone's natural beauty. A honed finish, on the other hand, gives you a soft-to-the-touch stone that is still natural in its color and sheen, and hides scratches better than a polished surface.

Pair It with Other Materials

Remember that the finishes of Santa Cecilia granite are dramatically different, which opens up multiple options for your inner designer. For example, a honed finish is perfect for pairing with understated backsplashes and whitewashed cabinetry. In fact, you can pull off the perfect country-cottage look with this approach. Polished granite, alternatively, looks stunning against rich cherry or pine cabinetry with stainless steel appliances. Strategically add some soft lighting throughout the room to give your kitchen a dramatic, yet modern style.

Regardless of which finish you choose, or the other materials you choose to use alongside it, Santa Cecilia granite is a great, versatile material to add to your kitchen design. You and your guests will absolutely enjoy this beautiful natural stone for years to come.

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