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Update Your Bathroom Flooring with Wood-Look Tile

If it's been a few years (or more) since you've installed new flooring in your bathroom, you may be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of choices that tile has to offer. It has always been an outstanding option for high-moisture areas due to its ability to withstand water infiltration. And as the look of hardwood has gained popularity, new technologies and designs have been developed to increase the beauty of tile. The result has been long-lasting, water-resistant bathroom flooring that looks remarkably like wood. It also comes in a size and shade that's guaranteed to fit in with any decor—ranging from larger planks in traditional shades of color, to light-colored planks that appear rustic and distressed.

The Secrets Behind Wood-Look Tile

Comparing a traditional 12 x 12 ceramic or porcelain tile to a wood-look ceramic tile shows the incredible evolution of bathroom flooring. Amazing new technologies have enhanced the appearance and increased the versatility of tile. First, Tru-Edge™ technology allows wood-look tile to be placed closer together, reducing the telltale look of grout and increasing the similarities to real wood planks. Second, Reveal Imaging™ is a state-of-the-art digital technology that's now used to recreate the unique and varied look of hardwood throughout the surface of porcelain tile.

Pick Your Style and Find a Tile to Match

  • New England Cottage
    If you like the coziness of casual cottage decor, reclaimed wood-look tile will add charm to your bathroom. The artistic detail of the Yorkwood Manor line, for example, replicates the aging process of wood in an exceptional manner. This will give any room a beautifully rustic appearance.

  • Traditional Hues, Contemporary Edge
    To create a more classic, formal look, a traditional hardwood hue like cherry works well. This wood-look style can also enhance transitional decor by combining classic colors with larger plank sizes. If you love the look of contemporary furnishings and lighting fixtures alongside hardwood flooring, check out Terrace for a look that's perfectly balanced.
  • Sleek and Modern
    If you prefer clean lines and darker shades of wood for your urban loft, take a look at the style of Forest Park in Blackwood. Paired with a white color scheme and modern chrome fixtures, this wood-look tile will add a layer of texture to your bathroom to keep the space from appearing too stark. If you're finishing your basement, this sleek wood-look tile will perfectly complement your updated entertainment area.

Thanks to the latest offerings in wood-look tiles, you don't need to sacrifice style to gain a floor that works in your bathroom or basement. With such a variety of wood-look tile available today, stop by a design center to browse all the amazing, new styles. Then start planning your updated design.

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