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Trendy Tile Foyer Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Durable tile deserves to top the list of foyer ideas when you think about the barrage of wet boots and dusty shoes that this space has to deal with. You don't have to sacrifice style for stability, however; quality tile comes in an assortment of trendy foyer-friendly options to ignite your design ideas and prompt your planning efforts. A smartly planned foyer starts on the other side of the door, welcoming guests with a peek at what lies ahead. Also, consider the back entry and mudroom, which are as dependent on quality flooring and stylish finishes as the front entry itself. Inspiration starts here.

River Marble

Start with the Outside

Planning a tile floor starts before the interior entryway. A correctly installed, properly sealed natural stone or composite tile can lead your guests from the steps to the front door, and then into the foyer. If you don't plan to use the same material indoors, at least use a similar color. For example, you could merge honey-toned travertine outside, with a porcelain product that mimics honey-tone marble, inside. Like-colored flooring flows effortlessly from one space to the next.

Stay Realistic, but Stylish with Your Foyer Ideas

The right foyer floor is one that works double duty, and it should serve up attractive style while camouflaging dirt until you have time to sweep. One such flooring material is River Marble, which is a practical porcelain product with intricate veining and an organic color palette that resembles the natural stone for which it's named. Other options include slate and granite; install either tile in a multiple tile pattern, such as the standard Versailles or brick-joint patterns, to make a small—or generous—space more interesting.

Include a Border

In the front foyer, a border not only makes a good first impression on guests, but it also helps to define the area. This is especially important in an open-concept home, but even in a layout with walls, a good-looking tile detail flaunts fashionable attitude. Whether you're installing the field tiles square to the room or in a diamond pattern, outline them in a special way, such as with a zigzag design or wide pinwheel border.

Trendy Tile for a Stylish Mudroom

Don't let its name detract from its prominence; the mudroom deserves as much attention as the living room, kitchen, and front foyer. Trendy mudrooms satisfy potential buyers and proud homeowners alike. Attractive, durable flooring options for this hardworking space include those you'd use in the foyer. To increase this hardworking room's function, include plenty of storage—a closet, wall hooks, and cubbies. Also, install a utility sink or powder room for washing up and, if space allows, a dog-washing station for bathing the family pooch. Complete these plumbed-in fixtures with a glass mosaic backsplash or surround for cleaning ease.

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