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Tips for Using Wall Tile to Make Your Entryway Stand Out

Adding wall tile to your entryway can help give it a distinct, stylish, and unforgettable look. The entrance is the first area that people see when they come into your home, so it's important to make it memorable and special. Think about what kind of look you want. Do you want an entryway that is grand and elegant or creative and unique? With the right tile, you can transform your entryway into an eye-catching space that complements the rest of your home. Here are some inspirational tips to get you started on designing an entryway that will suit you and your home for a long time.

Build a Stone Arch

This distinctive entryway style was used in medieval castles to create an amazing effect, and it's still a stunning design element today. Stone brings natural beauty to the entryway, which is a great way to marry the outdoor world with the interior of your home. Depending on your design scheme, you can choose a polished stone tile for a luxurious look or facade stone for a more rustic feel.

Add Detail to the Doorway with Wood

Available in a huge variety of warm color shades, the addition of wood-look tile will make any home entrance stand out. This porcelain tile mimics the warm, natural beauty of wood and includes the realistic look of wood grain. It comes in a variety of wood tones, including warm gold and rich espresso. You can incorporate the wood-look tile into your doorway to add a special touch of personality and to bring warmth to your space. In addition, using the wood-inspired tile on your floor will create a welcoming space that will withstand the high traffic and moisture common to entryways.

Modernize the Space with Mosaics

The radiant colors and glossy finish of glass mosaic tile will add personality to any space. These distinctive tiles can look particularly beautiful around doorways or windows, where they will catch and reflect natural light. Try opting for a beautiful brick-joint pattern, which will add dimension and a modern visual effect to your space. As for colors, this is where you can let your personality infuse your design; glass mosaic tile comes in a multitude of colors, so be sure to choose one that suits you.

Get Colorful and Creative with Porcelain

Because there are so many patterns, colors, and sizes of glazed porcelain tile available, your style options are virtually limitless. You can make your entrance bold and modern with bright pops of color, or you can go for a more serene look with cool, neutral tones. If you're not crazy about adding color to your entry way, try creating a dramatic frame around your entryway with a black and white contrasting tile pattern. The beauty of porcelain is that it allows you to express your personal style any way you like.

Using wall tile within the entryway of your home will transform this area into a design feature of your home, rather than just a way to get in and out. This the first place your guests will enter when visiting your home, and it should show off a design that represents your personality and the overall feel of your home. Check out the Tile and Stone Visualizer to get started on your entryway design today.

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