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Mudroom Makeover: How to Make Your Space Sleek and Efficient

After surviving a winter's worth of slush, dirt, and snow, spring is a great time to overhaul your mudroom. This room is often designed with function and efficiency in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't make the space bright and appealing. Here are some ideas on how to improve this important storage space in your home.

Keep Things Efficient

If your mudroom is on the smaller side, try to incorporate space-saving design elements such as cabinets above the washer or dryer. You can also add a row of cubbies along a wall to separate each family member's work necessities, school supplies, or sports gear to make things easy to find when you're running out your door. To make laundry easier, try labeling baskets in order to sort your whites and darks ahead of time.

Install a Tile Floor

You may want to choose a darker tile to hide some of the dirt and debris tracked into your mudroom from outside. Dark gray or taupe porcelain tile looks sleek and is easy to maintain. If you like the look of natural stone, California Gold Slateis appealing to the eye and will hold up well in a high-traffic area. And with the swipe of a mop, you can quickly clear away muddy remains from the floor.

Add Open Shelving

Rather than searching for laundry items and other supplies behind cabinet doors, install open shelves for a modern look and easy organization. Open shelving also gives you the opportunity to add your own personal touches to the space. You don't want your open shelves to look cluttered, but accessorizing with the right touches, such as woven baskets, black and white canisters, or your favorite photos, can add flair to a utilitarian space.

Don't Forget the Backsplash

If your mudroom contains a sink, consider adding wall tile behind it to protect from the occasional water spray. Even without a sink, the use of a glass tile backsplash can brighten up a small area that lacks natural lighting. If you're going for a clean, efficient look, use subway tile on the walls. Whatever you choose in terms of functionality, a backsplash is a simple way to add style to your space.

Your mudroom should be designed to help you complete your work and stay organized. Simple, efficient storage and easy-to-maintain flooring will help keep this area of your home clean and clutter-free. Brightening up your work area with a colorful backsplash and special design touches will help to infuse your personal style into your mudroom.

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