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Modern Style Tips for Marble Flooring

The veins in marble flooring add more than visual movement to your home; they provide wall, cabinet, and accent color cues for the entire design. Marble tile comes in gray, white, cream, honey, or warm reddish tones that provide assorted neutral backgrounds. White marble is an especially glamorous material that is perfect for completing a monochromatic design. If that sounds like the look you're going for, here are some tips to help you create top-notch results, and some advice for choosing suitable accent colors, furniture, and fixtures.

Create an All-White Bathroom with Cool-White Marble Flooring

If you're aiming for a monochromatic bathroom that features mostly white materials, start by choosing the biggest investments and more permanent features, such as white marble flooring, first. White marble appears cool in color if it contains gray veins. Pair this white-gray flooring with other cool whites, such as walls that are slightly tinted blue or cabinets that are tinged with a hint of green. A pure-white bathroom can appear sterile and flat, while off-white keeps the design interesting. Cool-gray flooring partners well with matte or mirror-finish chrome, satin-nickel, or brushed-steel faucets, pulls, and lighting fixtures.

Use Warm-White Marble with Other Warm-White Elements

Marry warm-white marble, which has cream or honey veins, with other warm whites that reveal a little yellow or red. Build on the floor's warm glow with rich metal or metallic-colored finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, gold, or copper. Go above and beyond the obvious metallic faucets, pulls, and lighting by adding a metallic tile backsplash or accent wall. A room with a warm-white marble floor can also benefit from wood accents, such as a timeworn harvest table, mismatched wood dining chairs, a wood-look tile accent wall, or a rustic, wood-beam mantel.

Choose Cream Marble for Versatility

When you're developing a design around cream marble flooring, you're in for a treat in terms of color and style versatility. Working with this rich material allows you to create an inviting palette. Start by going with cream walls, bedding, or cabinetry, and then adding plenty of brown distressed-leather furniture. Aqua or red accents can be the perfect finishing touch for pop of color. Alternatively, use subtle-yet-rich coloring underfoot to highlight vintage-looking built-ins or antique painted furniture. Then continue with white or yellow walls for definition, and wispy, sheer curtains that are hung from the floor to the ceiling for visual elongation, delicate texture, and subtle movement on breezy summer days.

Use Pale Gray Marble to Create a Modern Design

Gray is trending among today's lineup of neutral colors. If you're going for a contemporary or ultramodern design, gray marble is an ideal contender. Not only is this flooring as trendy as it is timeless, marble can provide a streamlined look, which ups the home's modish factor even further. Go all out and try incorporating glass and crystal accessories into the decor. You can group a collection of random mirrors to create a focal point, or even opt for glass tile backsplashes in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Opt for Warm-Reddish Marble Flooring for a Contemporary Look

You'll find few colors in nature as warm and rich as that of reddish marble. On the color wheel, red sits across from green, and orange sits across from blue, meaning they're complementary. Complementary colors boost or elevate each other, making your favorite nature-inspired green—such as pale sage, saturated emerald, or pine needle—an ideal wall color to pair with warm-reddish flooring. The right blue for complementing warm orange-red marble is one in a similar shade depth or saturation level as the flooring.

Regardless of the marble color that you choose, be sure to protect your flooring with the right sealer, maintenance, and cleaning. This will help to guarantee that are you able to enjoy your modern design for many years.

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