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How to Design with Ubatuba Granite

Dark green is a color that will never go out of style, which makes Ubatuba granite a classic material option for any design. This gorgeous shade of granite has the gleam and glam of natural stone, and it can add a timeless touch to any design. Here are some tips on how to incorporate it into your home, while creating a lasting look that you and your guests will enjoy for a long time.

Use It on Your Countertop

Granite is a natural stone that has natural striations and color variations that give it an interesting, unique look. You can see small flecks of color and different variations in tone depending on the angle of the stone and natural light.

When choosing the perfect countertop, consider going with Ubatuba granite, which is found in the Granite Collection. Not only is this stone slab gorgeous, but it's also very practical. Because it's a natural stone and naturally strong, it is resistant to everyday wear and tear that all counters are bound to face.

Put a slab of dark Ubatuba granite on your kitchen or bar countertop for a stylish design element. The deep, nearly black shade of green will match any tone of wood or paint that you plan to use throughout the rest of the room. Because of the many colors you can see in the granite, and because of the way the material reflects light, it will pair perfectly with the rest of the room while still standing out as a focal point.

Incorporate It in Mosaic Form

You can find the dark colors and pretty shades of Ubatuba granite in design options that go beyond granite slabs. Granite Radiance glass and metal accent tiles are made from an amazing blend of granite, and the pattern combines various shades of black, green, white, and gray for a neutral, yet glamorous look. Granite Radiance is a line of tile that's available in different color schemes and patterns. It comes in small mosaic tiles and larger field tiles, making it a versatile tile option that can be used anywhere in your design.

Mosaic tile looks pretty on walls, but it is still practical on countertops and other areas of the home. Use it to create a backsplash that matches your granite counters, or pair two blends together to create a stunning design. You can then add colorful accents to brighten up your space. Bold jewel tones, for instance, will pop against Ubatuba granite, pretty pastels will soften the overall look, and earth tones will blend in gorgeously.

Find different ways to use Ubatuba granite for your countertops, walls, or other areas of your home. You can't go wrong, and you will end up with a stylish, timeless design. There's nothing basic about a design that's appealing to the eye, withstands wear and tear, and stays in style as different decorating trends come and go.

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