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Home and Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Victorian Look

If you're looking for kitchen remodel ideas to turn your home into a showstopper, get inspired by the Victorians, who were well-known for installing ornate tin tiles on ceilings and wainscoting on walls. You don't need metal or lofty ceilings to recreate this look in your own residence. Instead, use tin's modern counterpart, metallic tile, to bring life to your walls, bathroom, kitchen backsplash, dining room, or wet bar.

Pressed metallic square tiles are available in various patterns and styles that first became popular during the Civil War. These durable, lightweight, and fireproof tiles were considered a thrifty alternative to fancy and heavier plaster design elements. During the post-war building boom, these tiles were often found in storefronts, schools, and residences. During the height of their popularity in the 1890s, the most widely requested tiles had the dramatic flourishes and embellishments favored by the Art Nouveau movement, and in the 1930s, geometric motifs were common. Tin wainscoting and ceilings fell out of favor after the Great Depression, only to be replaced by mostly plain white drywall ceilings.

Owners of old Victorian homes and downtown loft conversions have rediscovered the look of pressed tin. And owners of old homes like the look because it gives surfaces a certain sense of style and presence. Loft lovers enjoy the contrast of exposed brick, virgin timber, and instead of tin, new metallic tiles. Installed high up on a wall, metallic tiles draw the eye upward with their inherent drama, texture, and realistic vines, leaves, berries, and trellis work. **Daltile does not recommend tile for use on the ceiling.**

Here are a few home and kitchen remodel ideas featuring metallic tiles that you can use to liven up your own home, add some vintage flair, and spark a conversation with your guests.

Go Beyond the Ceiling

The Castle Metals line, which features an aged copper appearance, is a terrific way to capture the glamour of the Victorian era without the upkeep. Think about using these metallic tiles to create a fashionable sink or stove backsplash. For a nontraditional twist, consider using Metal Signatures arranged diagonally with some plain tiles interspersed between to break up your backsplash. You can also opt for the Metallica series for an Art Deco backsplash that recalls the 1930s. If you don't want to design a backsplash that's all metallic tile, try framing your refrigerator or appliance with Pewter Frieze accents. Or use Metal Fusion tiles in stainless steel for a decorative touch that your great grandparents could appreciate.

For something really dramatic and different, take the tin ceiling look and apply it your floor. Look at old turn-of-the-century photos of storefront interiors for kitchen remodel ideas and inspiration. Use various matching tile with different motifs in the center of your floor, and then add a border of plain tile. Do the reverse on your kitchen countertop—use the plain tile in the center with a perimeter of embellished tile in the same color or a contrasting metallic hue.

Consider tile with beveled edges in order to add texture and to contour your walls, countertops, and backsplashes. You'll especially want to use metallic tiles in your kitchen if you have contemporary appliances and furnishings. The metallic tile can help to add an amazing and unexpected vintage look to your otherwise modern home design.

Metal Signatures

Take It into the Dining Room

Some homeowners aim for white and light in the dining room, which is a crucial entertaining space. However, with metallic tile, you'll want to imitate the Victorians and make this room dark and cozy. While oriental rugs and dark wood floors are welcome additions in this area, keep colors coordinated. Then opt for decorative touches using metallic embossed tile.

Metallic tile, with its inherent elegance and sophistication, fits perfectly into a traditional dining room that your great grandparents would admire. Using metallic tile wainscoting on the lower part of a wall can make this entertaining space even more intimate by shrinking the space visually, tiling around a window or on a windowsill can help invite the outdoors in, and tiling on a sideboard can help make dishware and silverware stand out.

Since good lighting sets the stage for the dining experience, draw attention with your light fixtures—whether it is a contemporary sconce, a sparkling glass antique chandelier, or contemporary pendant light. Maintain attention by going with a gray color palette for the space.

Add It to the Bathroom

Metallic tile in a bathroom adds a bit of gravitas. Consider using it as a shower backsplash or as a frame on the floor of a walk-in shower. You can create a border with embossed tile and then go with matching plain tile in the center. You can also create subtle horizontal stripes, alternating pewter and bronze versions of the same tile.

Use the same mix of tiles on a sink backsplash to enlarge a small bathroom with matching embossed tile at the top of the wall. The Metal Signatures series would look great paired with a matching shower head, faucet, and sink handles.

Even the traditional bathtub and shower combination can benefit from the decorative touches of metallic tile on the bathtub surround. And for a bathroom with an old-fashioned white porcelain pedestal sink, a claw-foot tub, and a black and white toilet, consider using Elemental Glass Gold Nugget on the floor to pick up the gleam of a gold toilet paper holder, faucets, and exposed plumbing.

Metal Signatures

Transform Your Wet Bar

A basement wet bar can also benefit from metallic tile. Consider using a brushed stainless steel hexagon mosaic tile as a backsplash for your wet bar. This will pick up colors from your gray felt billiard table, and the brushed stainless steel would be an excellent counterpoint to light wood cabinetry, white walls, and beige carpeting.

Metal Signatures' Aged Iron Tumbled Stone is another great option for a wet bar backsplash. Pair it with white cabinetry, built-in stainless steel appliances, glass-front mini refrigerator, matching pedestal stools, and an L-shaped wood bar. Use the same tile on the floor for additional continuity.

While embossed metallic tiles might appear trendy now, homeowners and designers say that kitchen remodel ideas featuring it never really went out of style. So when designing your home, get inspired by the Victorian era, and add metallic tile to your design. It's a timeless classic that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.

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