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Granite and ONE Quartz Countertops An Objective Look

Have you been trying to choose between granite and ONE Quartz® countertops? ONE Quartz Surfaces® are easy to care for, long-lasting, available in many fashionable colors, and similar in appearance to granite. Granite is luxurious, beautiful, long-lasting, natural, and the most popular countertop material. So how do you choose between two great materials? Here's what you should know about each:

ONE Quartz Surfaces®

The ONE Quartz used for countertops is not a solid stone, like granite, but it's composed of more than 90 percent quartzite and several other additives with a resin binder and coloring. The result is a countertop material that will last a long time and is able to resist stains and corrosion. ONE Quartz is impervious to scratches, bacteria, food stains, and scorches. It's also stronger than natural granite and available in many fashionable colors to suit most design needs.

ONE Quartz Pros: Long-lasting; beautiful; available in many colors


Granite is an igneous stone that is mined in large slabs. It's one of the most durable stones, and it's extremely pleasing to the eye. When properly sealed, granite can hold up to daily wear and tear, and its classic hardness makes it impervious to scratches and cracks. Because it's a natural stone, no two slabs will ever be identical.

Like most items in your home, granite countertops require a bit of maintenance and upkeep. However, caring for granite is not a difficult or time-consuming process. Although engineered countertop materials are available in a full range of beautiful colors, nothing can top nature's creations in terms of richness, depth, clarity, and creativity in terms of color and artistic design.

Granite Pros: Durable; beautiful and luxurious; natural and unique

Return on Investment

As far as providing a return on investment, both granite and ONE Quartz countertops will make your home sell faster—should you want to sell it someday. Your new countertops may also add value to the price of your home. However, the greatest return is the pride and enjoyment you will experience from your stunning countertops while you are living in your home.


When it comes to aesthetics, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. To some, granite may be the better-looking option because it was made by nature, and to others, the sleek, sophisticated look of ONE Quartz countertops may be more appealing. The fact is, you can't go wrong by choosing either material.


You may be wondering why granite has held the edge over other countertop materials. Granite has a certain prestige, and it has always been considered more luxurious than other countertop materials. For many years now, every design magazine has featured beautiful granite countertops in their photographs of to-die-for kitchens, and this helped make granite the top-selling countertop material.

The fact that granite is a natural stone, and that each slab is unique, helps to give it an edge over other materials, as well. While granite is the most popular countertop in traditional-style kitchens, ONE Quartz has gained popularity over granite in contemporary-style kitchens. Granite and ONE Quartz cross the finish line neck and neck.

In the end, the best countertop material is the one that looks right in your kitchen, and the one that you feel is a good match for you in terms of quality, maintenance, and style. If you want to compare these two material options in person, head to a nearby Daltile retail dealer.

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