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Functional and Gorgeous Backsplash Ideas


If you want to get technical, a backsplash is only there to make cleanup around sinks, stoves, and other messy and wet areas easier. It’s armor for your kitchen or bathroom. But who says armor has to be boring? Add a little aesthetic and your backsplash can make a statement or even be the center of the room.

A typical backsplash is an 18-inch border of ceramic tile. For this classic look, simply install glazed ceramic tiles around your stove and sink. Or you can get more creative...

The materials you can use as your backsplash are about as varied as the fish in the sea. Classic glazed ceramic tile always works, that’s why it’s a classic. But open your mind to some other materials that might just take your backsplash from function driven to stylish.

Glass is completely impervious to water, often more so than ceramic or porcelain tile. It comes in all sorts of colors and finishes that can either blend into the background or stand out in the crowd. The shine of glass is unmatched and cleans up very easily, so it always retains its beauty.

Check out mosaics that feature unusual tile shapes like pencil tiles, narrow rectangles, and sizes that go beyond the classic 1 x 1. You may want to consider extending your backsplash up the wall a bit further with these intricate patterns.

Natural Stone
Granite, travertine, or limestone backsplash all make a timeless addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Natural stone is a frequently overlooked material for a backsplash. Though it requires a bit more maintenance than glass or ceramic, it is unmatched in looks. It can be used for classic or contemporary designs and always ups the elegance of your space.

Stone backsplash tile comes in many styles like subway or 1 x 1 mosaic. The design options are nearly endless. Stone is also a popular material for medallions which become the visual center of your kitchen. The only downside to stone tile is that it does require some special care. Seal your backsplash annually for best results.

Wall Tile Designs
Extend your beautiful backsplash to cover the whole wall. Not only will your tile prove durable and easy to clean, it will also provide a harmonious look that enlarges the whole room. And if you never liked backsplash in the first place, you can achieve the look of a regular wall without sacrificing the perks of a backsplash. 

Select a tile that looks like another material such as stone, fabric, wallpaper, or wood instead of embracing traditional backsplash tile. Incorporate several colors, sizes, or finishes for a one-of-a-kind look.

Subway Tile Design
Subway tile design has been a favorite for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes for decades. With an update to this classic you can design a unique tile backsplash that'll draw attention from your friends.

Subway tile backsplash isn’t limited to ceramic 3 x 6s anymore. Any proportionate, rectangular qualifies. Use a different size tile like 4 x 8 to give your design a twist or add in different colors or finishes. Try a different material, like natural stone, to further enhance the effect.

Mosaic backsplash tile is a versatile look that lets you achieve any style from retro to modern chic. Use different colors, materials, or finishes to create a look all your own. Use Daltile's Tile Visualizer to create your own custom style. See what different types of tile, colors, and sizes look like before you take the plunge. Simply select a background that's similar to your own kitchen then play with your different options.


Backsplash tile shouldn’t be boring. Consider it an important design element in your kitchen or bathroom. Check out your options for unique backsplash

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