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Choosing the Right Pool Tile for Your Deck

When considering pool tile, remember that a beautiful swimming pool is more than just a place to splash away the summer heat. It should also serve as a relaxing oasis that gives you space to soak up the rays, relax by the water, and enjoy friendly conversation. You can create the perfect spot for these activities by putting thought into the design of the surrounding pool deck area. Adding the right type of pool tile to the space will enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your backyard, and will create a leisurely gathering place. Start by taking some time to assess which tile will best complement your space. This will involve looking at the amount of free ground around your pool and choosing the right kind of material for your needs. Here are some pointers.

Consider Natural Stone

Many homeowners choose natural stone tile for their pool decks because it comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Using natural stone tile is a great way to add a natural aesthetic to your yard in order to make your pool fit in with its surroundings. For example, natural stone decks are a popular choice for homeowners who have designed a swimming pool with boulders, rock walls, cascading waterfalls, or other natural elements. Natural stone tile can stand the test of time and work with any style. Consider going with natural slate, which is functional and stylish. If you opt for a natural stone tile, remember to apply a sealant prior to grouting.

Opt for Stone-Look Tile

If you don't want to use real stone, you can always opt for a stone-look tile, which is manufactured from porcelain but offers extremely realistic qualities. New innovations, such as Reveal Imaging, help to give tile a realistic appearance and texture. If you're interested in this look, check out Imagica, which is manufactured to look like real stone but offers the long-lasting qualities and functionality of glazed porcelain.

Go with Concrete-Look Tile

If you're designing a more modern outdoor pool deck space, consider going with a porcelain tile that resembles concrete. There are quite a few options available that range from large-format tiles to smaller square tiles. This look creates a streamlined effect, and will give your pool deck a clean, simple look. If this is the style you want, check out Unity, which offers an array of neutral options.

If you're a homeowner with a pool, you probably spend just as much time on your deck as you do in the water. If your space needs an update, you'll need to choose materials that can hold up to moisture and wear and tear. Make sure you do your research, so you can make a worthwhile, one-time investment. The right pool tile can make the experience even more enjoyable as you relax poolside with a drink in hand with the sounds of summer filling your ears.

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