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Bathroom Wall Tiles Add Design, Drama, and Dimension to Your Project

Excessive moisture creates specific challenges for decorating a bathroom. But with bathroom wall tiles, you can create great decorative effects without the potential problems that can result from exposure to moisture. Tile that is manufactured, installed, and/or treated to withstand moisture creates a pleasing environment that's easy to maintain. And it doesn't have to stop with your bathtub or shower surround, or your backsplash or counter top. Here are some ways to transform your bathroom walls with tile.

Simplify Your Bathroom Decor With Clean Lines

Remember when bathrooms typically had painted or wallpapered walls with tile bath surrounds, counter tops, and backsplashes? The addition of cabinetry, window treatments, and a shower curtain could make small bathrooms like these visually overwhelming. But your bathroom doesn't have to be like your grandparents'. Instead, you could install tile for your bath or shower surround and bathroom walls with cleaner lines that make a small bathroom appear larger. Use coordinating tile for your countertops and backsplash to provide dimension and textural interest, such as the range of Showscape muted matte wall tiles. Soft matte tones open up small spaces and provide a soothing environment that encourages relaxation.

Subway tile is a great choice for contemporary and art deco style bathrooms. Available in glazed and matte finishes, subway tile is typically 3 x 6 inches in size and is installed in a brick pattern, but you could choose a grid pattern instead to create a contemporary effect for your bathroom. Use two tones of subway tile to achieve a traditional half-and-half effect, or incorporate strips of random mosaic or glass tiles to enhance subway tile walls.

Simple decor and clean lines don't have to be boring. Consider adding an accent wall to your bathroom with random mosaic tiles such as those from Caprice. Mosaic wall tile is typically available in 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 inch squares, and random designs, tile sizes, shapes, and colors vary on each sheet. Mosaic tile is a great choice for bathroom walls as well as for counter tops and backsplashes. You could, for example, create custom tone-on-tone mosaic inserts to break up plain expanses of wall tile.

Take Bathroom Wall Tiles From Pure White to Light and Bright

Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or exotic decor, bathroom wall tiles can go beyond a clean, practical look and turn an ordinary bathroom into a decorative focal point. For example, you could coordinate your bathroom's white fixtures with similar wall tile selections such as Marble Falls in White Water. Don't forget your floors, either. Coordinate your floor tile selections with wall tile or choose a complementary floor tile design that accentuates your bathroom wall tiles. Light neutral tones are perfect for creating a shabby chic look or a relaxing spa-like environment.

Incorporate different tile textures and patterns when planning a monochromatic effect. Each type of tile adds visual interest without contrasting colors that can confuse the eye. To add subtle color and texture to a pale color palette, you could try a field tile such as Cristallo Glass in Aquamarine, Peridot, or Smoky Topaz. Wall tiles in pale and neutral shades help open up a small bathroom or one with little natural light.

Bring on the Drama With Rich Color and Unexpected Tile Effects

For a dramatic, imaginative bathroom look, choose deep tones for your wall tile. Balance dark tile walls—such as Sublime in the dramatic shades of Ebony, Sea, or Sienna—with lighter cabinets, backsplashes, and counter tops. Sublime comes in complementary paler colors, too.

Beyond color, why not transform your bathroom with a new pattern of tile? Traditional brick-work tile patterns, for example, don't always have to be installed in the usual horizontal layout. Instead, you could turn the pattern on its ear by installing it in a vertical orientation. If you like wallpaper but worry about how long it might last in the bathroom, consider using alternating stripes of two or more coordinating wall tile styles in porcelain, ceramic, glass, or stone to create a durable wallpaper effect.

Custom, ready-made mosaic tile murals are an edgy alternative to wall art in your bathroom, such as marine-themed Glass Mosaics Murals that feature fish, sea turtles, and dolphins.

Select Tile to Enhance Your Home's Architectural Style

If your home has a specific architectural style, such as an arts and crafts cottage or a midcentury modern home, bathroom wall tiles can enhance it. For example, tiles from the Travertine Collection in Mediterranean Ivory could be applied to the wall and/or floor. Travertine also offers accents such as chair rails. This collection works well with Mediterranean-style homes and is available in multiple textures and finishes that can be combined for custom designs.

Wall tile in such tones as Amber or Sage from Heathland help create a warm, natural feel to the room. For a natural motif on your bathroom walls or backsplash, consider accent tiles such as Metal Signatures in Aged Bronze Rosette Rounded.

If you're building or renovating a home, consider installing glass blocks to add natural light to your contemporary bathroom. Ultramodern mosaic tiles such as Clio in Hera or Nox provide sharp textural interest in a vertical orientation. Horizontally oriented random mosaic tiles, such as the interlocking mosaic of Color Wave in Downtown Oasis, can also create contemporary accents for your bathroom. Random mosaics work well for an accent wall, a backsplash, or an alcove, but they are typically considered too busy to use on every bathroom wall.

Tile that looks like wood, such as from the Season Wood and Yorkwood Manor collections, is a trendy option for many uses, including wall tile. If you own a mountain cabin or a lakeside vacation home, wood-look tile could work well on your bathroom walls and backsplashes in addition to your flooring; the tile is durable and can withstand exposure to moisture.

Whether you're decorating a bathroom located in an urban loft or a country cottage, you'll be pleased with the traditional or cutting-edge decorative effects you can achieve with bathroom wall tiles, decorative tiles, and accent pieces.

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