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Bathroom Design Ideas That Use Tile in Creative Ways

Bathrooms were originally tiled for utilitarian reasons such as water resistance and easy cleanup, but new bathroom design ideas have transformed the traditional bathroom into a room of beauty. Bathrooms are now seen as a space to which you can add your personal touch, and tile has played a large part in this point of view. No longer is there only simple ceramic 4 x 4 or plain mosaic tiles to choose from. With today's seemingly endless options, creative tile design ideas for the bathroom walls and floors are unlimited. Here are some tips for adding a special touch to your bathroom design with the use of tile.

Get Inspired

Before heading out to your local design center, be sure to come up with some bathroom design ideas. Think about what your dream bathroom would be like. The best way to do this is to gather pictures of ideas. Look through magazines, cut out photos, and read articles for inspiration. Note your favorite fixtures and tile work. This will give you a good foundation to work from when it comes to planning your design.

Fashion Accents

Mix and Match Tile

It's fun to get creative and use several different types of tile together instead of sticking to one color or type of tile. Mix and match will allow you to create a beautiful, unique design. For example, imagine River Pebble tile placed on the shower floor with a wood-look tile on the bathroom floor. Run the pebbled mosaic up the walls from the floor to form a natural, curve-like wave that gracefully cuts into the wall tile. Nature will take over the space to calm and relax you as the water washes the tension out of your body.

Add a Small-Tile Touch

You can easily add some textural interest to larger tile by mixing in some mosaic tile accents. For instance, using Jewel Tide tile as a shower surround and on the shower floor will make you feel like you've stepped into the sea. You can then add another touch of the seashore by sprinkling in the Ocean Jewels mosaics in Mother of Pearl. If you're using large square tiles on the bathroom floor, cut the corners where four tiles meet. Place these four tiles on the floor so that the cutouts meet and form a two-inch square. Then fill the empty square with four, one-inch-square glass mosaic tiles. Do this in a pattern or randomly throughout the floor. You can then add the same mosaics to the wall by adorning an entire accent wall, creating a border design that wraps around the walls at chair-rail height, or framing a mirror.

If you're looking for small accent tiles, check out the Fashion Accents line, which features glass, metal, and stone tile, and offers a wide array of choices that look great next to larger tile or when used on their own. You can also add a pop of excitement to your design by placing a colorful mosaic medallion in the center of your bathroom floor. The same tile that makes up the medallion can then be used as a border on the wall, as well.

Travertine Petrified Forest

Create a Unique Pattern

When coming up with bathroom design ideas, try incorporating patterns. Designing a tile pattern is similar to putting puzzle pieces together. You can mix and match different types of tile until they fit just right and create a beautiful look that you are happy with. For example, marble and granite tiles can be used to make a checkered floor or backsplash. If you need some inspiration, look into some popular tile patterns, which often specify the exact tile sizes you will need.

Tile a Whole Wall

Tiling a bathroom wall will not only look beautiful, but will make it easy to keep the bathroom clean and protect against moisture. You can either use one type of tile in different sizes or several types to create a unique look. Try, for example, using a larger tile on the bottom half of the wall and then using the same tile in a smaller mosaic size up to the ceiling. If your tiled wall is neutral in color, add a zing of color by adding a colored- or metallic-tile border.

If you prefer a more traditional look, tile the bottom half of the wall with a larger tile and then top it with a tile chair rail. For a more contemporary look, cover the walls in a tile that mimics fabric, such as Kimona Silk. This will create a soft look that still has the long-lasting qualities of tile, and it can be used on the floor, as well. Wood-look floor tile planks can also help create a beautiful accent wall. Try running it horizontally, vertically, or halfway up to a chair rail. Above the chair rail, use tile that mimics fabric. The two different textures will perfectly complement each other. You can also add an accent wall of the wood-look tile in a herringbone pattern while using it on the floor in a traditional plank pattern.

Incorporate a Mosaic Mural

Mosaic murals are usually found on a wall, but they can also be a stunning addition to your bathroom floor. Imagine a floor with tortoises that appear to be popping up to share your space. Make your mural look like a vintage tapestry, or even replicate a favorite photo, anything is possible. Mosaic murals are unique because they blend colors to create an effect that is almost three-dimensional. Your bathroom will be unlike any other.

When it comes time to put your favorite bathroom design ideas to use, keep in mind that your space will look well-balanced if the tiles on your walls are smaller than the tiles on your floor. This rule may be broken when using mosaics as floor tile, however. In this instance, keep wall tiles on the smaller side. Get creative and enjoy the challenge of coming up with a unique bathroom design. By adding your personality into the space, you'll end up with a beautiful new space that will be used and enjoyed for years to come. For some more inspiration, check out these mosaic pattern ideas and have fun creating plans utilizing the mosaic pattern designer tool.

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