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4 Ways to Use Blue Glass Tile to Create a Dramatic Effect

If you're looking to create a calm, soothing ambiance in your home, consider adding blue glass tile to your design plans. Blue glass tile can bring a sense of style and serenity to your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and out to the backyard living area.

Inherently attractive in nature, blue is a versatile color that can create a range of dramatic effects. The use of blues and greens in home design and decorating are known for emanating a calm, soothing feeling, but varying shades of blue tend to offer different results. Light blue-greens are considered tranquil like water, for example. On the other hand, a brilliant shade of turquoise is more vibrant and will add a little more energy to a room.

Egyptian Glass

Here are five ways you can incorporate blue glass tile into your design to create your intended effect:

1. Brighten Up Your Bathroom Backsplash

If you really want to add wow factor to your bathroom or master retreat, consider adding a blue tile glass backsplash. Egyptian Glass in Mediterranean will give you the same clean, vibrant look as the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. The shade of blue is beautiful and calming, and, as a bonus, you'll be mesmerized by the gentle twinkle as the sunlight reflects off the tiles throughout the day.

2. Add a Calming Effect to Your Shower

Shades of blue are not only extremely appealing to the eye, but they provide texture and depth to the room. One of the easiest ways to add an air of sophistication to your bathroom is by adding blue glass tile to the shower walls. You can cover the walls from floor to ceiling or add some blue mosaic squares to your current pattern. With the Elemental Glass series, the 3/4 X 3/4 tiles, you'll have your pick of a handful of blue hues, including Imperial Lapis, Cornflower, Sardinian Blue, or Blusette. On your shower walls, they're sure to make it a more beautiful, calming place to be.

3) Create a Soothing Accent Wall

Whether it's a wall in your kitchen, family room, or entry way, using tile in a creative way will infuse your personality into the space and can add to your overall design, whether it's elegant, rustic, or contemporary. So, if the thought of painting an accent wall has ever crossed your mind, consider adding depth and dimension by adding blue glass tile to the wall instead.

Uptown Glass

4) Give Your Pool a Vibrant Splash of Color

If you have a swimming pool, whether it's indoors or in your backyard, one of the most effective ways to accentuate the pristine water is to incorporate blue glass tile on the pool lining. Uptown Glass mosaic tile in Pearl Blue offers varying shades of blue to highlight the crystal clear waters and the azure sky.

The color blue can add a sense of tranquility to any space. But when choosing the shades that will best complement your home's decor, always go with your gut. If you want to ease into it, try confining the blue to a small space, such as a backsplash or halfway up a bathroom wall. If that doesn't seem like enough, you can always add more blue to your design.

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