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4 Common White Granite Questions Answered

It's no secret why white granite countertops are becoming so popular. Whether you go with an all-white design or have white serve as the neutral color in a bold color scheme, granite that's white is the creme de la creme of kitchen design. Even when used within a darker color scheme, a white natural stone countertop can brighten a kitchen space and serve as the perfect counterpart for dark cabinets.

White granite is a stone that can work within just about any kitchen design. So, whether you know you want to use it in your design, or you haven't even thought about it as an option, here are four answers to common questions about white granite:

1. What Backsplash Looks Best with White Granite Countertops?

When using a white countertop, designing the perfect complementary backsplash is relatively easy. You can go with simple white subway tile, or you can choose a mosaic that mixes white with a secondary color, such as the Evening Mixer mosaic from the Color Wave collection. You can also highlight your light-colored granite countertops with a black tile pattern, such as Twilight Black from the Identity line. Or, if you want to keep the entire design light and bright, go with a Paramount White backsplash from the Identity line.

2. Can I Use a White Countertop with White Cabinets?

White is clean, crisp, and stylish, making it the perfect countertop and cabinetry color for white kitchens. But can you use both together? Of course. Whether you go with an all-white design, or add accent colors, you'll end up with a space that is timeless and classic.

White-on-white designs open up the kitchen, making it appear larger and more spacious. This combination also makes the room brighter, so consider going with white materials if you don't have a lot of natural light. Keep in mind that white shades of granite vary, so don't worry about your kitchen looking too stark. The pattern or veining within the granite will break up the white design and give it interest. If you're not fond of an all-white look, try going with white cabinetry, white countertops, and a colored backsplash that adds a pop of color.

3. What Other Cabinet Colors Work Well with White Granite?

Virtually any cabinet color will look stunning alongside a white stone. White is a neutral color, and just like the neutrals in your closet, white countertops can be used with any color cabinet. White balances dark cabinets such as shades of black, deep gray, or dark natural wood, keeping the kitchen from appearing too dark and heavy. White is also a great counterpoint to shades of blue, red, or green.

4. What Can I Do to Keep White Countertops from Looking Dull?

Granite is a luxurious material and will never look dull or boring. With that said, the best way to add life into your white kitchen is to design a colorful accent wall. This usually looks best if you use the same color that's on your countertops within your tiled wall. So, for instance, if your cabinet color is white and your countertops are white, you should try to design your accent wall to include white and an accent color such as sage green, plum, red, or teal. This will give an overall streamlined, cohesive look.

Going with a white granite countertop is a versatile and smart design choice. When designing your new kitchen, refer to these common questions, and consider incorporating white materials into your space.

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