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3 Ways Granite Slabs Can Update Your Patio

Outdoor living spaces are often used for relaxation and the enjoyment of a home's natural surroundings. When designing your new patio, you'll want to choose natural materials that hold up well in extreme weather conditions, are easy to maintain, and look great in an outdoor environment. In this case, it's hard to top granite. It's an extremely long-lasting natural stone that's resistant to extreme temperatures and scratches. Plus, granite slabs can be modified to fit a variety of outdoor applications. Here are three ways you can use granite to add a functional, modern sense of beauty to your outdoor space:

Add Granite to the Grilling Area

Granite handles the splatters and heat of outdoor cooking with ease, making it an optimal choice for your grilling area. It's available in a variety of natural color variations and styles, giving you a range of options to choose from. With the right shade and pattern, granite can perfectly complement a wood deck, brick exteriors and fixtures, or a stainless-steel grill. After selecting a granite slab, you can have it measured and cut to fit around your built-in grill. Wood cabinetry, stacked stone, or other larger stones can be used as a support system. If you'll be grilling frequently, don't forget to add a granite backsplash to protect your patio walls.

Create an Outdoor Countertop or Bar

Even if you don't cook outside, granite slabs also work well in spaces where surface space is desired. Set up an outdoor bar that has a granite top or simply use the added countertop for serving hors d'oeuvres. You can even incorporate granite on top of a floating bar that can be moved as needed to accommodate larger or smaller social gatherings. Another option is to liven up your outdoor living space with colorful planters that sit on a piece of granite. Fill the planters with annual plants or flowers and use the granite as a base to create an eye-catching custom display.

Spruce Up the Patio

If you look forward to dining outside on warm summer nights, why not set up the perfect outdoor table by using a granite slab as the top? The weight of granite adds a more substantial feel to your outdoor dining spot. To create a seamless flow between your custom patio set, design the table legs with the same material as your existing deck furniture. A granite slab can also be used to create bench seating. You'll find that granite is easy to clean up after an outdoor meal has ended, and it holds up well to every type of weather. Be sure to seal it regularly for best results.

With its natural beauty, attractive color palette, and easy maintenance, granite is a perfect material to use within an outdoor space. If you're designing a deck, patio, or grill area that you want to be able to enjoy for many years, check out all the available granite slab options. With a range colors and patterns, granite is guaranteed to fit in perfectly with today's exterior design trends.

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