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Metro Impressions

Metro Impressions

The artistic combination of time-worn cotto with modern gloss creates an unexpectedly sophisticated collection in Metro Impressions™. The 10 x 10 floor tile coordinates beautifully with the sleek wall tile delivering a chic combination.

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Cotto Look
Floor Floor
Wall Wall
Countertop Countertop
Special Usage
Exterior Floor Exterior Floor
Not Shower Floor Shower Floor
Glazed Porcelain Glazed Porcelain
Special Features
Mosaic / Deco Mosaic / Deco
Pre-Consumer Pre-Consumer
Zerotox ZeroTox
Reveal Imaging Reveal Imaging
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Metro Impressions™ artistically combines the look of time worn cotto with modern gloss into an unexpectedly sophisticated collection. Both available in a 10 x 10, the rustic, aged floor tile coordinates beautifully with the sleek wall tile delivering a chic combination through EverLux™ Sync technology. Each floor color is perfectly matched to its own wall tile, but this series gives you the versatility to combine colors and textures to form truly personalized creations.

  • 10 x 10 floor tile available in four rustic, cotto-like colors
  • EverLux™ Sync technology delivers a 10 x 10 wall tile in four artistic color blends, each available in three gloss to cotto-look ratios
  • Repeat a single color combination for even consistency
  • Blend multiple colors in both floor and wall tile to achieve a high-end, artistic space

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