How Do I Choose the Right Tile?


Daltile has a dazzling array of products for practically every room, every look, and every style.  With so many choices, finding the perfect tile on floor may seem overwhelming. We have outlined essential information to help.

Ceramic Tile

Water & stain resistant
Easy to cut & install
Ideal for interior walls and flooring
Floor | Wall | Countertop

Porcelain Tile

Water, stain, scratch & chip resistant
Offered in smooth or textured finishes
Great for almost any room or surface
Floor | Wall | Countertop | Outdoor

Glass tile

Water & stain proof
Easy to maintain, perfect for shower walls, pools, & kitchen backsplashes
Wall | Outdoor

White kitchen with stainless appliances and accents and a grey and white natural stone picket-shaped mosaic on the backspalsh spanning from the countertop to the ceiling.

Natural Stone

Water, heat, stain & scratch resistant
Can last a lifetime with proper care
Sealing recommended
Floor | Wall | Countertop | Outdoor

Metal tile

Easy to install & maintain
Makes a stunning kitchen backsplash or feature wall
Floor | Wall | Countertop
Daltile showroom with workstation and loose tile samples, walls covered by tiled panels of different tiles and patterns.


Stain resistant
Easy to maintain
Superior slip resistance in wet conditions
Floor | Outdoor

Choosing the Right Tile for Your Project

Living room with wood-look porcelain tile floors, clean-lined cream furniture, and man, woman, and child playing together.

Residential Spaces

There are a few things you should be aware of before selecting tile for your home. For instance, as a rule, glazed floor tiles shouldn’t be used where water, oil or grease is consistently present. This may cause increased risk for slippage. Daltile also does not recommend glazed floor tiles on home exterior applications unless tiles are sufficiently protected from direct weather or are a textured tile. 



Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces come with a slew of construction requirements. Selecting tile that meets these requirements is easy at Daltile. We test our tile for DCOF, breaking strength, and more, and we provide the results to you so you can make the best decisions. We always meet, and often exceed, ASTM standards but we encourage customers have tile independently tested to determine if the product meets specific requirements.


More Tools to Help You Choose

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