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Elegant Living Room Design Ideas Incorporating a Range of Marble Finishes

Like all-natural stone products, the classic elegance of marble adds beauty and luxury to home design. Marble's distinctive veining and colors have been associated with formal settings, but this stone is also making its way into more casual decor. Marble is now a hot trend in countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and other interior accents. The newest finishes update and modernize marble. Here are a few living room design ideas that incorporate modern marble finishes:


The polished finish is the most classic style, and probably the first image that comes to mind when you think of marble. To achieve this familiar glossy sheen, marble is polished to a highly-reflective finish. A polished marble finish also results in a very smooth, flat surface. If you love the polished look of marble, a traditional placement, such as a fireplace in your living room, works beautifully. For a modern update, install a hearth as a room divider or create a contemporary, geometrically-shaped surround rather than the traditional built-in style with a mantle. Polished marble mosaics, tiles, or slabs can be chosen to help you create a truly modern look using this timeless stone.

Marble flooring choices also abound in polished finishes. The plank-shaped tiles of Thicket Gray offer a polished marble in a modern shape, a neutral color, and also a new vein-cut that offers a unique look. Take our word for it, this is not your typical polished marble. Polished marble also increases light reflection and enhances the brightness in a dark room. One way to maximize light is to create an accent wall using polished marble mosaics. Contemporary styles, such as an eye-catching wave pattern mosaic in white marble, will brighten your living room decor.


Honed marble is also smooth in texture but stops short of the high gloss of polished marble. Rather, the honing process produces a matte finish that adds flair to a room without being overwhelming. Honed finishes are gaining popularity, especially in contemporary living rooms where decorative accents are used to create a subdued beauty. As a flooring option, honed marble stands up extremely well to foot traffic. Scratches on honed marble are usually less visible than those seen on polished marble. If you're searching for living room design ideas incorporating natural stone flooring with a honed finish, the new Daphne series is an excellent choice.


In contrast to the smooth surface of a polished or honed finish, tumbled marble has a rougher, more natural texture. Marble is tumbled with abrasive materials, resulting in slight imperfections which add character to the surface of the stone. The aged, weathered appearance of a tumbled finish adds a classic touch to your living room design. Tumbled marble colors can be more subdued than polished marble, and the range of gray tones is the perfect neutral shade for an accent wall in your living room. Tumbled marble tiles are also available in a variety of mosaic patterns, from classic squares with signature, uneven edges, to the rectangular, brick joint patterns.

Leather/Brushed Edge

Textured marble finishes capture an aged look and add a unique depth to the stone. These finishes are often described as leathered, brushed edge, or antique finishes. The rippled texture of leathered marble appears so natural and inviting that you almost can't resist touching it. Suitable for high traffic floors in your busy living room, the random placement of Argun Gray leathered marble tiles complements modern furnishings and serve as a terrific way to update your overall design.

Split Face

The high degree of dimension in split face stone takes on a hand-crafted appearance with an incredibly unique texture. Split face cuts of marble can be incorporated into living room design to accentuate intended focal points. Similar to a stacked stone look, a split face marble mosaic can surround a built-in fireplace or large-screen television. You may also want to create an accent wall with split face marble that draws attention to your favorite paintings, sculptures, or portraits. The neutral colors of split face marble work best on walls where added texture is needed—a look that can't be achieved with paint.

Combined Finishes

For a truly unique marble design in your living room, incorporate a mosaic or floor pattern with mixed finishes. Create an accent wall using marble mosaics, such as Crema Marfil Classico, which features a random mixture of polished, honed, and split face finishes. The linear cuts of this mosaic give you the optimal combination of modern style mixed with the timeless elegance of natural stone. Flooring options also may combine both honed and polished finishes to avoid a highly polished look that may not be the best fit for the modern furnishings in your living room.

Marble Accents

Marble accents are a hot trend in interior design. Lamps, tables, and other accessories crafted from marble can complete your decor. Today, many living room design ideas begin with small touches of decorative marble. Marble chair rails are a durable and an attractive alternative to wood. Modern-style pencil rails are thinner than chair rails and can be incorporated into wall tile designs to break up a large space. For a modern take on marble accents, the Emperador Dark collection affords you a range of accent pieces that bring a touch of contemporary elegance to your living room. This series features beautiful gray and silver tones using a nontraditional cut of marble, known as a vein-cut. Rather than cutting the marble across the natural plane, a vein cut is made through the stone, resulting in a uniquely stunning visual pattern.

If you'd like to add marble to your updated living room, there's no longer a need to rely only on the classic white flooring application. Fresh patterns and styles have breathed new life into this gorgeous natural stone. Marble accents, modern mosaics, and new cutting and finishing methods allow you a wider range of design possibilities than ever before. Stop by a Daltile Stone Showroom today to view the latest variations of marble to incorporate into your living room design ideas.

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