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Suretread's raised tread pattern prevents grease and water from building up beneath your feet. Its dense, pressed body and low moisture absorption make it durable enough for interior and exterior use and perfect for commercial applications.


  • Available in a smooth paver surface and a textured tread surface
  • Durable, natural product with low moisture absortion
  • Textured surface provides excellent slip-resistance


  • Withstands extreme amounts of weight such as kitchen equipment and auto displays
  • Tread surface prevents grease and water building under feet
  • Quarry Guard makes it easier to clean and stain-resistant

Size & Physical Details
Floor Applications Target DCOF wet Suitable
Countertops N/A
Dry & Level - Interior N/A
Pool Linings N/A
Walls/Backsplashes N/A
Shower Floors (Residential or Light Commercial) ≥ 0.42
Wet & Level - Interior ≥ 0.42
Exterior Applications; Pool Decking & other wet areas with minimal footwear ≥ 0.60
Ramps & Inclines ≥ 0.65


Suitable for exterior applications in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed

Suitable for exterior applications in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed.

Performance Characteristics
Description Shape Number Size Shape
Bullnose 6x6
Bullnose Corner 6x6
Bullnose Outside Corner 6x6
Cove Base 6x6
Cove Base Corner 3/4x6
Cove Inside Corner 3/4x6
Cove Outcorner Left 3/4x6
Cove Outcorner Right 3/4x6


  • Suretread trim is a smooth trim. Tread surface is not available on trim.
  • Floor bullnose trim is intended to coordinate with floor field tile in the standard 90-degree installation position.
  • Trim may be produced in multiple locations. Please contact your Daltile sales representative for more information.


  • Special care should be taken when grouting with dark pigmented colors. A grout release is recommended to prevent finely powdered pigments from lodging in the pores of the tile surface.

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