Friday, April 29, 2016

Kitchen Tile Flooring: Why Wood-Look Tile Is Trending

In 2015, wood-look porcelain tile made an indelible impression on the kitchen tile flooring market. So it comes as no surprise that 2016 is all about the staying power of wood-look. Homeowners across the world are opting for the look of wood, plus the easy maintenance of porcelain, when it comes to building their dream kitchen floors. The versatility and longevity of porcelain combined with the natural beauty of wood make this option a home run if you're looking for the perfect tile material.

Unlike real wood, porcelain kitchen floor tiles can be used in more moisture-heavy rooms like your kitchen. Ground-breaking technological advancements in the manufacturing of tile has made this a possibility. But how does wood-look tile benefit you when it comes to design? It opens a new avenue of color and style options that were not possible just a few short years ago. Whether you want a traditional or more exotic look, here are some inspirational ideas on how to incorporate this material into your design.

Distressed Wood-Look Tile Gives a Traditional Vibe

Yorkwood Manor has become one of Daltile's most popular wood-look porcelain options because of its unique, distressed look that homeowners love. Available in the coveted traditional 6 x 36 plank size, this option resembles what's found in the historic, rustic homes of traditional New England. Glazed and featuring three colors, Birchtree, Pecan, and Deep Walnut, Yorkwood Manor has set the bar high when it comes to achieving a timeless design in your kitchen.

Its diverse color range allows you to complement your wall colors and countertops, regardless of which hues you choose to accentuate. Mixing Pecan Yorkwood Manor floor tiles with darker natural stone countertops, for example, is one way to achieve design excellence, while the richer Deep Walnut option looks great with stainless appliances and light blue walls.


Exotic Options Offer Trendy Appeal

The Acacia Valley line is designed to replicate Acacia wood, which is often associated with the high-end hardwood that's used in luxury furniture and accessories. Loaded with rich detail, color, and textures, Acacia works well if you're looking to add a warm, unique color palette to your kitchen tile flooring. Marketed as giving any space the sophistication and style of hardwood with the durability and versatile use of porcelain tile, Acacia Valley is a high-performance option with trendy appeal. The tile comes in natural and stained colors, helping you enhance your kitchen design and match the rest of your room's features.

Given its unique composition that bridges the gap of hardwood and porcelain, wood-look kitchen floor tile will most likely stand the test of time. More than a passing trend, wood-look tile offers you ultimate versatility when it comes to laying down the perfect tile in your kitchen.
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