Faux Wood Flooring Ideas for Every Space

Who says you can't put wood flooring everywhere? When you use faux wood flooring, you can add the look of wood to any room of your home. So whether you want to add warmth to your bathroom or give your kitchen a rustic look, chances are that wood-look tile is a great material choice.

Make a Dramatic Difference in the Basement

Most people don't want to put their best flooring in their basement. This is probably where you store items and where your utility controls are. However, if you have a finished basement space that you use to gather large groups of people, you've been missing out on a flooring design opportunity.


By using gorgeous flooring, such as Saddle Brook glazed porcelain tiles, you can make your basement space look bold and beautiful. These tiles have the dramatic shading of natural wood and feature patterns that resemble realistic wood grain, and they have the strength and versatility of porcelain. This is a great way to turn the basement into a more defined and stylish space. A light-colored wood floor will also reflect light and brighten up your basement space.

Dress up Your Bathroom or Spa

The look of wood adds elegance to any room, whether you want to give your space a touch of rustic charm or make it gleam with glamorous luxury. With Season Wood Color Body porcelain tiles, you get the best of both worlds. It comes in a range of colors, ranging from weathered wood to snow pine, so you can create the style you want.


Porcelain tiles are perfect for wet environments because they resist moisture. That means that your faux wood flooring will stand up well to heavy use. In bathroom and spa areas that have white fixtures, use dark wood flooring to create dramatic contrast.


Emphasize the Beauty of LIving Areas

Put wood-look floors in your kitchen and living room to create seamless, gorgeous style. Wood-look tile is easy to clean, which makes it perfect for the kitchen, and elegant, which makes it a great option for living spaces.

Emblem ceramic floor and wall tile is made to go anywhere. If you're looking for wood-look tile that works in the kitchen and can transition into the living room, go with neutral shade such as soft beige, dusky gray, or rich brown.

The look of wood pairs beautifully with natural stone countertops in the kitchen and bold, colorful fabrics in the living room. Play with different design elements and use them to create contrast against your wood floors, which will make each individual element more distinct.

Outdoor space with wood-look porcelain tile deck overlooking a lake with mountains in the distance. House is visible in the background.

Put Faux Wood Flooring Anywhere

Fill your home inside and out with faux wood flooring, and you won't ever miss having the real thing. Wood-look tile can be put in any space to add a look of elegance, old-world charm, modern trendiness, or just about any other design aesthetic you want to achieve. It's versatile, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors and styles that look just as gorgeous as real wood flooring. Explore your options, and then consider using tile that looks like wood throughout your home.

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