The Low Down on High Style Countertops

Countertop Style

When it's time to renovate or create a stylish kitchen or bathroom, the first place to look is the countertops. They are the foundation and the focal element in most kitchen and bathroom remodels. See below for a few of the design waves designers will be riding into the foreseeable future.

Rounded edge kitchen peninsula with cooktop and dramtic dark gray and white natural stone countertop.

Selecting Countertop

There are many choices when it comes to your countertops. Whether you select classic marble, durable granite, technologically enhanced quartz, or up-and-coming quartzite, one thing is easy to choose: Daltile. Yes, Daltile does countertop! You can expect the same quality and attention to detail in our countertops as you do with our floor tiles.

Start by taking a look at our countertop comparison chart below to find the material perfectly suited for your project. Then stop by a Daltile Stone Center to find the surface that's perfect for your design.

- When it comes to choosing colors for countertops and walls, neutral is noticeable. Given that countertops and cabinets must have staying power, standing out is on the way out.

- This is in. Big, thick architectural countertops were trendy a few years back, but especially with flush-front cabinets in modern kitchens, thinner is the current design winner.

- People are seeking backsplashes with less flash. The mosaic band and the traditional 4" backsplash are fading out. Today some countertops are running right to the wall without backsplash. Or in more daring homes, the countertop material may e taken up the wall, especially with above-sink windows. Make an even bigger statement by matching your space with seamless design from the floor to the wall and the countertop.

- Islands are trending, and mixed material is leading the charge. Where the prep side might have quartz, the eat-in side might be wood, granite, or some other material.

- While the farmhouse sink stays in the forefront, undermount sinks are still on top. For practicality and design sake, more and more kitchens are trending back to a divided or deep stainless sink.

- The dream is seamless. For health and aesthetic reasons, tile countertops are declining while seamless options like quartz and large-format porcelain surfaces are coming on strong in renovations and new home construction.

- The outdoors are in. Homeowners are installing more and more custom outdoor kitchens, bringing the warmth of the inside of the home to countertops and cabinetry outside.

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