Kitchen Remodel Hack: New Countertops in an Existing Kitchen

Open concept kitchen and living room with a wall of windows in the background, modern style dining table and sofa, and waterfall island countertop. Floor is covered in extra large-format porcelain slab in a white natural stone look.

A new countertop can renew the energy in your kitchen and is an easy way to do a minimal remodel that has a huge impact.
Here are three ideas.


Style Overhaul with Introduce new-found style to your kitchen cabinets with a new, contrasting countertop. Add a dark countertop to light cabinets. Or think about a colored quartz countertop that will bring some eye-catching color to your space. A dramatic stone countertop like quartzite or an exotic granite can also create some visual contrast.

Your countertops can become the center of attention and transform your kitchen’s entire vibe.



Stone slab countertops, created by nature, are each one of a kind and bring uniqueness to your kitchen remodel. There are so many different types of stone to choose from, your only problem will be narrowing down which to use in your kitchen.

Stop by a Daltile stone center to look at your options.

Install New Countertops Over the Old Ones


For the quickest countertop overhaul, opt for an install over your existing countertops. This is possible with Daltile’s porcelain slab countertop or Slimlite panels. Their slim profile and durable porcelain construction makes for simple installation that looks great and transforms your kitchen remodel without demolition.


Your nearest stone center

Stop by a stone center to see beautiful natural stone in every type and style.

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