Extra-Large Format Porcelain Surfaces

Elegant restaurant bar with porcelain slab countertop that looks like white and golden-brown marble, beige tile wall tile, shelves holding bottles of wine.

A New World for Slab countertops

Just when you think large-format porcelain tile couldn’t get any bigger, porcelain slabs appear. Introducing Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™ - huge porcelain tile that can go nearly anywhere.
Think of everything you know about porcelain floor tiles. Now imagine having all those benefits on the countertop, the wall, or fireplace with very few joints and lots less grout. That’s Panoramic.
Roy Viana, director of Natural Stone and Slab at Daltile explains it like this, “We all know what a great performer porcelain is; just translate all those capabilities to a slab and you’ll understand the value of these large porcelain surfaces.”
Europe has been designing with these extra-large format surfaces for a few years. Now they have hit the American market and are making a huge impact. Large format porcelain slabs increase the scale and style of porcelain tile on par with natural stone slab. This is opening up a whole new world.
Bathroom with white & gray marble look porcelain slab bathtub surround and matching floating vanity with dual vessel sinks, and large walk-in shower with frosted glass.


-Two giant sizes: 63 x 126 inches, 64 x 127 inches

-6 mm and 12 mm thicknesses

-Can be cut to customize



-Marble-looks in matte and polished finishes

-Monochromatic colors in hot urban neutrals

-Metallic sheen with the essence of concrete

-Striking patterns with unlimited artistry

Kitchen with white & beige marble-look porcelain slab backsplash & vent hood, white quartz countertop on island, wood-look floor tile.


-Easily cleaned with multi-purpose cleaners

-Fewer grout joints to keep clean

-Low porosity of porcelain makes it stain resistant

-Panoramic in Statuario on the walls and vanity



-Withstands heat

-Scratch and chip resistant

-Stain resistant

-Can be installed over existing solid surfaces (with the right preparation)





-Shower walls

-Tub surrounds

-Kitchen backsplashes

-Bathroom backsplashes


-Large feature walls

-Exterior cladding

-Outdoor patios

-Outdoor countertops

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Spacious bathroom with walk-in glass front shower. Floors, walls, and shower covered in large-formet porcelain slab.

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Kitchen with marble mosaic backsplash, white quartz countertops, marble waterfall island with sink, white cabinets, and brushed brass pendant lights.

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Bathroom quartz countertop with double sinks, brushed brass faucets, marble mosaic backsplash, and lighted vanity mirrors.

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Modern bathroom design with white with gray veining quartz slab vanity countertop, shower walls, bathtub, and backsplash, and gray concrete look floor tile.

Extra-Large Slab Surfaces

For seamless design, browse America's largest collection of extra-large slab surfaces.

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