Top 3 REASONS TILE is the best FLOORINg

Among the many flooring options to choose from, tile is the stand-out winner. Why? Many reasons. But here are the three most important reasons tile blows other flooring out of the water.


Tile Flooring Is Tough

The most important thing to know about tile flooring is that it has built-in durability and natural resistance to many everyday challenges. It’s made of 100% natural clay and fired in a kiln at over 3000 degrees. Tile making dates to the 13th century and today you can still see tile that is centuries old—the best testament to its durability.

Much of our porcelain tile features ColorBody™, that means that the surface of the tile and the body of the tile are about the same color so if there are ever scratches or chips, it’s not noticeable.

Tile won’t freeze, fade, or crack in cold weather so it’s excellent for outdoor patios or the pool deck. 


Porcelain tile is impervious to liquids—that means that it doesn’t soak up more than .5% of its weight when submerged in water. It also means that spills and puddles are no match for tile flooring, even if they sit for a while. Simply dry it up and be on your way.

Speaking of, Daltile’s StepWise™ technology is a finish applied to select tile lines that gives it up to 75% more slip-resistance than standard tile. It’s perfect for outdoor applications or areas that are exposed to moisture like the bathroom or around the pool.


Because of its low porosity that resists liquids, porcelain tile flooring doesn’t stain. Even coffee, wine, and the muddiest footprints can’t touch it. 

This also means you can clean it with vinegar or other mild chemicals and you don’t have to worry about hurting or weakening it. It’s the flooring surface that you don’t have to worry about no matter what your daily life entails.
Need more reasons to love tile? Not only is tile flooring tough, it’s also trouble-free, timeless, and trustworthy.

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