How Healthy Flooring Reduces Carbon Footprint

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Tile has always been considered an eco-friendly choice, but today's wide range of styles and materials take green design to the next level. If you're looking for sustainable, healthy flooring for your home, ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile products are great options to consider. 

Tile is a healthy flooring that can be used in any room of the house, office, any often, outdoors. It is made from natural materials and is easy to clean and maintain, which helps to promote a healthier indoor environment. Here's a few things to know about how tile can reduce your carbon footprint.

Tile Reducing Carbon Footprint


- Tile has a long lifecycle. They don’t need to be replaced as frequently as other flooring options and that means less manufacturing and transportation.


- Over 99% of Dal-Tile manufactured tile collections contain recycled or reclaimed materials.


- Daltile embraces initiatives that protect the environment. Changes in manufacturing processes and product makeup is currently preventing more than 200 million pounds of solid waste from ending up in landfills.


- Glass Tile Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint


- Glass is one of the most commonly recycled materials, so it usually doesn't end up in landfills, which is an important factor to consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


- Glass tile lets in, and reflects, natural light, which is a smart way to use your resources without increasing your carbon footprint.


- Tile Is a Healthy Flooring Choice


- Tile from Daltile are tested for VOCs and have no detectable emissions of volatile organic compounds, which helps keep indoor air pure.


- Because ceramic and porcelain tiles provide exceptional resistance to moisture, they resist the buildup of mold and mildew, which decreases indoor air pollution.


- Harsh chemicals aren't required or recommended to clean tile. Basic, natural cleaners are all that is required to keep tile clean.


- Allergenic materials, such as dust and pollen, can be easily swept up from tile; it's easier to prevent them from negatively affecting your home.

Healthy Flooring is Beautiful


- Sustainability doesn't have to mean standard, uninspired design. We pride ourselves on our broad selection of on-trend tile.


- Tile’s versatile application makes it easy to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces that embrace healthy, renewable and recyclable materials. Use tile on the walls, floors, fireplace, and more.

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