Matte Architectural Gray

Part of: Color Wheel

Color Wheel Linear

The element of color is visually represented in Color Wheel. This vibrant collection offers a wide spectrum of colorful selections from bright hues to neutral, earthy tones. A favorite of artists and designers.

Additional Colors

Available Shapes and Sizes

: 0709
: 3/8, 5/16
: 2X8, 4X12, 4X16, 4X8, 6X18, 8X24
: Matte
: V1: Low
: Mexico
Target Dcof Wet Suitable
Dry & Level - Interior Floor N/A
Wet & Level - Interior Floor ≥0.42
Shower Floors (Residential or Light Commercial) ≥0.42
Exterior Floor Applications (including pool decking & other wet areas with minimal footwear) ≥0.60
Ramps & Inclines ≥0.65
Walls/Backsplashes N/A
Countertops N/A
Pool Linings N/A

●  Manufacturer Advisory: All tile is measured by the DCOF AcuTestTM method. Tiles with DCOF values <lt/>0.42 are not recommended for use in areas with wet or slippery conditions. For more information, see ANSI standard A137.1 section, available at www.tileusa.com.

●  Darker Colors May Show Scratching

Technical Specifications
Test Method Result
Water Absorption ASTM C373 < 20.0
Breaking Strength ASTM C648 120-230 lbs
Scratch Hardness ASTM MOHS 4.0-6.0
Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 Resistant

Available Trim (9)

Bullnose 12" Side
Bullnose 12" Side
Shape Number: S44C9
Bullnose 16" Side
Bullnose 16" Side
Shape Number: S44D9
Bullnose 8" Side
Bullnose 8" Side
Shape Number: S4289MOD
Bullnose 8" Side
Bullnose 8" Side
Shape Number: S4489MOD
Bullnose Corner
Bullnose Corner
2 1/8X2 1/8
Shape Number: SN4289M
Bullnose Corner
Bullnose Corner
Shape Number: SN44D9
Bullnose Corner Left Or Right
Bullnose Corner Left Or Right
4 1/4X4 1/4
Shape Number: SCRL4449
Flat Top Cove Base
Flat Top Cove Base
Shape Number: A34C1MOD
Shape Number: S1/212J

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