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English Grey

Continental Slate

The intriguing colors and cleft surface of Continental Slate porcelain tile are a near perfect recreation of natural slate. Its inspired tones have a high degree of shade variation, so they complement practically any decor.

Additional Colors

Available Shapes and Sizes

: CS57
: 5/16
: 12X12, 18X18, 6X6
: Matte
: V4: Random
: United States
: CS57
: 1/4
: 3X3
: Matte
: V4: Random
: Mexico
Durability Chart
Floor Surface Wear Resistance
1 - Residential Bathrooms
2 - All Residential Areas
3 - All Residential / Light Commercial
4 - All Residential / Commercial

Available Trim (3)

Shape Number: S43C9
Cove Base
Cove Base
Shape Number: S36C9
Cove Base Outcorner
Cove Base Outcorner
Shape Number: SC36C9

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