Daltile's leading product designer, Laura Grilli, continuously evaluates future and current design trends and provides this insight into the leading trends for 2021.
Whether touchable textured wall tile, ultra-durable floor tile, or envy-provoking countertops, discover the latest trends in ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile. 

Top Trends for 2021




Well-Being Trend

Laura Grilli, lead product designer for Daltile, has termed a key trend for 2021 as “Eudaimonia.” This is a Greek word, translated as human flourishing, which Grilli further characterizes as "Well-Being."
“Well-Being means first of all being healthy, not only from a physical standpoint, but also from a psychological stand point,” said Laura Grilli, lead product designer for Daltile. “The trend of Well-Being incorporates many of the principles of Biophilic Design, which is establishing close contact with nature, bringing nature inside our homes and offices.”
“One of the additional ways in which we will see the trend of Well-Being play out in 2021 is the practice of creating a spa-like environment at home with calming and relaxing interiors,” added Grilli.  “This year, you will hear a lot about home being like a sanctuary — a place where you can feel safe, where you can live and work in a calming and comforting way.”

Biophilic design

"This type of design quite literally starts from the ground up, so selecting the right floor look is fundamental," advised Laura Grilli.
Consider wood, marble, and stone look flooring.
“Biophilic Design is also the trend that has brought green colors, promoting serenity, and works very well with all other nature-inspired colors like greys and browns.”

Spa-Ambience Design

“Color is one of the main ways to create this ambiance,” said Laura Grilli. “Blue, aqua, and mint pastel colors symbolize neutrality and create a peaceful, soft, mild atmosphere.
"A light pastel blue is the color of a waterfall, but also the color of morning mist, so it is full of positivity and light and it is like a breath of fresh air."
"Colors in between blue and green are inspired by light sea water, but also by the color of a morning sky," Grilli concluded.

Pantone Color of the Year


2021 Colors of the Year

Warm and optimistic are the greatest attributes that sum up Pantone’s choice for color of the year. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating together create a color palette that brings hope and innovation into the new year. The two colors mix beautifully to create a space that feels warm like sunshine and optimistic like new beginnings.


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