Massage room with tan floor and wall tile that look like stone, wall niches holding candles, and large picture window with view of desert plateau between two massage tables.


Daltile's leading product designer, Laura Grilli, continuously evaluates future and current design trends and provides this insight into the leading trends for 2021.
Whether touchable textured wall tile, ultra-durable floor tile, or envy-provoking countertops, discover the latest trends in ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile. 

Top Trends for 2021

Outdoor patio with pergola, walls with natural quartzite slab, fireplace, wooden table with chairs, grill, and white stone look pavers.



Well-Being Trend

Daltile's lead product designer, Laura Grilli, has termed a key trend for 2021 as “Eudaimonia.” This is a Greek word, translated as human flourishing, which Grilli further characterizes as "Well-Being."
“Well-Being means first of all being healthy, not only from a physical standpoint, but also psychologically,” said Grilli. Well-being materializes in several ways.
Biophilic Design: “The well-being trend incorporates many of the principles of Biophilic Design, which is establishing close contact with nature, bringing nature inside our homes and offices."
Spa-Ambiance Design: “The trend of Well-Being is also played out in the practice of creating a spa-like environment at home with calming and relaxing interiors,” added Grilli.  “This year, you will hear a lot about home being like a sanctuary — a place where you can feel safe, where you can live and work in a calming and comforting way.”
Pursuit of Beauty/Beautiful Luxe Design: “Being surrounded by a beautiful context makes us feel better and contributes to our well-being," Grilli explains. "Luxury this year will be expressed through high-end materials such as expensive fabrics, marbles, and precious woods combined with good-quality craftsmanship. Luxe in 2021 is defined as creating harmony and an aesthetic that feels lovely, rather than being showy."
Cozy Essentials Design: “Cozy Essentials is a trend that combines the color white and the clean lines typical of Scandinavian design with the warmth of Modern Mediterranean style and the Perfect Imperfection of Japanese Wabi Sabi,” said Laura Grilli. “Cozy Essentials is a cozy version of historic Minimalism; less cold, and characterized by warm and earthy colors, organic shapes, soft textures, and natural elements.”
Dining room with luxury vinyl tile that looks like wood flooring, table & chairs in front of large picture window and bronze cage lighting.

Biophilic design

"This type of design quite literally starts from the ground up, so selecting the right floor look is fundamental," advised Laura Grilli.
Consider wood, marble, and stone look flooring.
“Biophilic Design is also the trend that has brought green colors, promoting serenity, and works very well with all other nature-inspired colors like greys and browns.”
Bathroom with white & gray marble look porcelain slab bathtub surround and matching floating vanity with dual vessel sinks, and large walk-in shower with frosted glass.

Spa-Environment Design

“Color is one of the main ways to create this ambiance,” said Laura Grilli. “Blue, aqua, and mint pastel colors symbolize neutrality and create a peaceful, soft, mild atmosphere.
"A light pastel blue is the color of a waterfall, but also the color of morning mist, so it is full of positivity and light and it is like a breath of fresh air."
"Colors in between blue and green are inspired by light sea water, but also by the color of a morning sky," Grilli concluded.
Elegant bedroom with white, gray & tan marble look tile flooring, feature wall with black & white marble look, porcelain slab, and cushioned headboard on king-sized bed.

Beautiful Luxe Design

“In tile, the trend of Beautiful Luxe will be expressed through marble looks and polished finishes with elements inserted into stone mosaics,” said Laura Grilli, Daltile's lead product designer.
“We see the influence of Art Deco through rich materials and fine craftmanship, but only a few statement pieces rather than a room full.
“As in all good design, color will be a key component,” added Grilli. “Rich colors - such as dark navy, intense purple, and black & white - will contribute to creating an intimate and comforting luxe.”

Cozy Essentials

As a component of the overarching pursuit of Well-Being through design, Cozy Essentials creates spaces that are uncluttered, calm, quiet, and soothing — where life feels in order.
“Bringing harmony and balance, most of the neutral colors in Cozy Essentials are on the warm side of the color palette," advised Laura Grilli, Daltile's lead product designer.
"Tile creates tranquil design through the natural look of luxurious marble and other stone visuals," said Grilli. "With colors that soothe the soul and various soft shapes, tile creates relaxing dimensions of seamless, textural, and sculptural walls ranging from organic natural visuals to structured yet smooth geometric designs.”

Cheerful Getaway Trend

Closeup of yellow textured wall and floating wooden shelf holding white pitcher and vase with wooden spoons and spatulas, and small planters with succulents.

“Cheerful Getaway is the trend of self-expression and of healing the soul with a new wave of positivity,” said Laura Grilli, lead product designer for Daltile. “It is the trend of color and Maximalism of new shapes and patterns.”
“A key component of Cheerful Getaway is vibrant color!” added Grilli. "Blue is a refreshing color that fulfills our need for stability. Yellow is the color of optimism and is associated with enthusiasm, happiness, and spontaneity. Red alludes to passion and drama, connoting strong emotions like love, anger, and excitement. Orange is an inviting color, associated with independence, creativity, and adventure."

Pantone Color of the Year

Dining room with table & chair in front of feature wall of gray, white, and yellow porcelain slab with abstract design.

2021 Colors of the Year

Warm and optimistic are the greatest attributes that sum up Pantone’s choice for color of the year. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating together create a color palette that brings hope and innovation into the new year. The two colors mix beautifully to create a space that feels warm like sunshine and optimistic like new beginnings.


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