Glamourous hotel lobby with marble look walls and flooring of white porcelain slab with gray and tan veining, column covered by gold-toned tile, and gray check-in desk.

Essential Luxury


The notion of luxury has been changing, refreshing the traditional indicators of splendor. The trend of Essential Luxury is about enjoying moments of indulgence in a new way — blending beauty with heritage and pop culture; crafts with high-end technology and sustainability; multi-cultural inspiration with Art Deco and Gothic references.
Essential Luxury finishes and materials celebrate uniqueness, giving life to lavish and multi-ethnic spaces by combining precious stones, colorful marbles, and onyx with velvet, lacquered wood, and golden finishes. Forms and shapes draw inspiration mainly from the design of ancient civilizations, incorporating some Art Deco. Essential Luxury colors communicate richness and sophistication. Its color scheme explores dark shades and includes hues from Gothic style, black marble, precious red and green stones, and dark brown from prestigious wood. As for patterns, Essential Luxury focuses on exotic marble looks blended with animal print and tribal themes to create lavish and cozy interiors.

Tile in Trend

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