How to Make Your Pool Tile Last Forever

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Okay... nothing lasts forever, other than true love of course. But that is no reason you cannot extend your pool tile for as long as you own your home.
Top industry experts share how proper care and maintenance can ensure your pool will last as long as you want a refuge from hot summer weather.
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Pick Suitable Materials

Selecting the right tile makes all the difference in the longevity of your pool tile. Most glass tile are perfect for pools and even some ceramic and porcelain tile is recommended for pool lining.

Read the manufacturer's specifications to ensure the tile is approved for pools and can withstand water, chemicals, and daily wear that comes with a pool.
Condominium pool with blue tile, deck of large format taupe tile that looks like stone, palm trees, covered patio with firepit surrounded by tan couches.

The First and Last Day of Pool Season

Preparing your pool for use in the spring or draining it in the fall is probably the most labor intensive part of owning a pool. A slow fill or drain is ideal for this tile, as the pressure change is gradual rather than sudden.

A one-inch per hour fill or drain will help you avoid damage due to expansion or shrinkage. Installing movement joints and sealing your tile will also help protect tile and grout during this process.
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Repair Immediately

It is never a good idea to delay repairs, even for a short time. If one element of this sensitive balance is upset, it could become a problem for your pool tile. If a pump no longer works or a skimmer basket is full, problems multiply.

Broken tile or grout can spread if it is not repaired quickly. Tile and grout repairs should only be attempted when the tile and grout are fully dry. Ensure the tile and grout has been allowed to set and fully cure before water is introduced.



Maintenance is key to keeping your pool tile in excellent condition and preventing bacteria, algae, and scaling that would compromise your pool tile.


Once you have opened for the season, test the water weekly. It should have a balanced pH, calcium and chlorine levels. Without the right balance, the water can become cloudy with scaling, algae growth, and other unhealthy swimming conditions.


Proper pH levels are vital for protecting tile and grout. Cement-based products, like grout, can etch, erode, fade, and/or stain when the pH is too high. Scale and algae formation can occur when the pH is too low.


Skimming, sweeping, brushing, and vacuuming can be done weekly or daily, depending on how much time you have in a stretch to get the job done. On average, you should clean the whole pool about once a week.


Any out of the ordinary events, like storms, a big pool party, major temperature changes, etc., warrant a bit of extra maintenance. Give your pool extra attention if you notice unusual odors, murky water, algae growth, burning eyes, or irritated skin.


Hard water is especially hard on pool tiles and pool equipment. If your pool is filled with hard water, it may need some extra TLC. The calcium and magnesium builds up as scaling as the water evaporates. You can use pool additives to soften the water and manage the calcium levels. There are also scale and stain control products that combat the formation of calcium buildup.

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