Bathroom with terracotta, peach, and white decorative wall tile, beige limestone stone look floor tile, soaker tub, open shelf wood vanity.

Seize the Day


The trend of Seize The Day embodies the mindset of living in the moment while making space for nostalgia and comforting memories. It is about rediscovering traditional craftsmanship techniques and materials.
The color palette of Seize The Day is very earthy, focused on beiges, creams, light browns, and a fabulous terracotta. Finishes and materials celebrate the beauty of desert dry touches and raw materials, such as crude clay but with attention to comfort. There is also an emphasis on cords, such as macramé; glazed tiles made from natural materials, like volcanic lava; and plenty of handcraft finishing. Forms and shapes draw inspiration from styles such as Modern Mediterranean and Southwestern Boho. They give life to tactile and comforting interiors by combining organic shapes, irregular and imperfect forms with plenty of arches. Patterns also draw inspiration from dry, cracked earth and uneven natural surfaces.

Tile in Trend

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